Portland, Oregon

Premiere DateFeb 13, 2018
00:00 Spotlight on Portland, Oregon
00:45 Lonely Life And And And
04:01 Conformity Shadowhouse
07:01 Turned on & Terrified Wooden Indian Burial Ground
10:19 Charm School Deathlist
12:29 If You Want Reptaliens
15:44 Between the Day and Now Candace
19:45 Life on a Mountain Strange Hotels
23:23 Rorschach Typhoon
27:39 Spotlight on Portland, Oregon
28:45 Know More Those Willows
31:38 A Part Mimicking Birds
34:44 Is It Too Late Jenny Don't And The Spurs
37:07 Death Shelley Short
39:20 Moonlight Will Adlard
42:36 Spotlight on Portland, Oregon
44:17 Oom Sha La La Haley Heynderickx
47:09 The Lights Just Buzz Birger Olsen
49:45 Love In The Meantime Nick Delffs
53:29 One Day Faustina Masigat
55:56 Flashes of Rage Ryan Oxford
59:03 Baby I'm So Lost Matt Dorrien
62:44 It Ain't Pretty Taylor Kingman
65:28 Quite A Feelin' Barna Howard
69:30 Lonely, Lonesome & Alone Denver
72:48 Spotlight on Portland, Oregon
74:01 TDRCO 100-The Hot Breath
81:37 Feelin it Once More Mariya May
86:08 Seasoned Curly Fries Mo Douglas
88:28 Weaving it What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance
93:31 Simmer & Serve Prince Joely
97:27 Don't Be Careless Ryan Massad
100:21 Spotlight on Portland, Oregon
102:04 Can't Remember Jason McCue
104:51 A Lovely Conversation The Harmed Brothers
109:39 Time Is a Wheel The Parson Red Heads
114:12 Alleyway Anna Tivel
118:31 Golden Thread Jeffrey Martin
122:17 Horace And The Trophy Richmond Fontaine
125:11 Surfer Joe Son of the Velvet Rat
129:13 Coming Up Roses Jamie Stillway
132:37 Spotlight on Portland, Oregon
133:48 Just Lie Still (BTR Live Studio 2017) Roselit Bone
138:09 Finish

Portland, Oregon artists are featured on the February edition of Spotlight on the City. Also, I’ll be highlighting bands and artists on three Portland – based labels, Mama Bird Recording Company, Ten Dollar Recording Company and Ten Dollar Recording Company. Stay tuned!



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