Duluth, Minnesota

Premiere DateApr 9, 2019
00:00 Spotlight on Duluth, Minnesota
00:55 Nightmare Superior Siren
03:20 Cup Nat Harvie
06:59 Capone Boreal Forest
10:50 Bruise Plumstar
13:04 Hit the Ground Running Sadkin
17:49 Spotlight on Duluth, Minnesota
19:01 Wait So Long Trampled By Turtles
22:23 Stumpjumper Charlie Parr
26:46 Rocking Horse Breanne Marie & The Front Porch Sinners
29:57 Startin' a Fire with You Dance Attic
32:58 Stephen's Song (Uncircumcised Heart) Cyr
39:37 A Good Clean High (Off a dirt cheap bottle of wine) Teague Alexy with the Feelin Band
43:22 Spotlight on Duluth, Minnesota
44:56 Fuss The Latelys
48:55 The Upper Shelf Dylan Fett
51:51 Ticonderoga Reflectivore
57:05 Ask The Mrs Gliteratti
60:41 Laughing At Myself Jack Campbell
63:21 Juliette Paul Cerar
67:14 Suffocating Love Mint Vintage
71:10 Spotlight on Duluth, Minnesota
73:04 Current The Great Unwilling
77:02 Vision Hard Feelings
79:08 Liar PizzaGhost
81:33 Soapbox The Dames
85:06 Lil' Zeke Paper Parlor
89:02 The Things I Left In Duluth (Radio Edit) Mary Bue
92:17 Spotlight on Duluth, Minnesota
93:18 Alpha If Thousands
98:51 Finish

Duluth, Minnesota – based artists are featured on the April edition of Spotlight on the City. You’ll hear from If Thousands, Cyr, Breanne Marie & The Front Porch Sinners, Charlie Parr and more! Support your local musicians <3


These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…