Columbia, South Carolina

Premiere DateMar 13, 2018
00:00 Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina
00:47 Livestock John Dennis
06:12 Mary No Joystick
09:38 Gloryland NUMBTONGUE
12:20 Raging River Watson Village
16:24 Temporary Solution Dear Blanca
20:08 Whisper Alarm Drum
24:06 Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina
25:30 All We Have Blue, Girl
27:42 LSD (Love.Sex.Dreams) ft. Ahomari Space Coke
29:50 Purple Interlude Teiji Mack
31:44 Bones Thunderbite
34:26 Sacrifice Boo Hag
36:53 The Dead Truth About Living Candy Coffins
40:11 Wait Offbrand Cereals
42:13 Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina
43:57 Henry King Vulture
48:08 Groove Husband
51:44 Decent Man Danny Joe Machado
55:35 Intentions Abacus
57:52 Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina
58:39 Open Up Those Lavender Whales
61:24 Come On Out (Featuring Baby Willis) Mike Collins Jr.
65:30 Virgin Veins Coma Cinema
68:05 You Don't Plan Can’t Kids
71:26 Girl William Starr Bussbee
73:21 Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina
74:29 Que se Levanten Muses of Wonderland
78:25 Crust Punk Fever Ahomari
80:54 Going Out of Business Malls
84:22 Wet Dreams Pluto Castle
86:41 Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina
87:41 1989 in Love Pray For Triangle Zero
93:43 Finish

Columbia, South Carolina artists are featured on the March edition of Spotlight on the City. Also, I’ll be highlighting bands and artists on three Columbia – based labels, Fork and Spoon Records, Tri City Records, and 10 Foot Woody Records. Stay tuned!

10 Foot Woody Records

Tri City Records

Fork and Spoon Records


A special thanks goes out to SceneSC for their help!

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