Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Premiere DateApr 14, 2020
00:00 Spotlight on Brisbane
01:53 The Hunter Sacred Shrines
06:06 Paranha Cassowarys
09:11 Slimey Bob Marcus Blacke
13:53 Jordan Merrick on How to Help Artists
14:19 I Don't Belong Jordan Merrick
18:47 Spotlight on Brisbane
21:00 I’m Just Lost (False Peak Records) Cloud Tangle
23:58 Chelsea (False Peak Records) Spring Skier
28:16 No One Throws Televisions Out Of Windows Anymore (False Peak Records) Dänmark
32:29 Remy Boccalatte of False Peak Records Speaks on the Pandemic
33:25 Cabin Fever (False Peak Records) Remy Boccalatte
37:05 Spotlight on Brisbane
38:42 Lady Luck JB Paterson
42:30 Backpacker's Blues Bricklayers
45:38 For Your Life ebuskers
50:38 Seasons Miss Elm
54:31 Spotlight on Brisbane
56:43 Today Tonight (Coolin’ By Sound Records) Dumb Things
60:06 The Man Of Thumbs (Coolin’ By Sound Records) The Gametes
61:46 Canned Opening (Coolin’ By Sound Records) Thigh Master
65:24 Wake In Fright (Coolin’ By Sound Records) Tape/Off
68:59 Spotlight on Brisbane
70:05 Sympathy Hallie
73:34 Landslide Brief Habits
76:08 Angels Pt. II (Love Theme) Heartstop Beach
79:31 Sneakers Velociraptor
83:16 Sad Girls BLUSSH
86:05 Matt from Flora Link Talks about the state of the world
88:04 Detroit Flora Link
91:34 Spotlight on Brisbane
93:46 Something To Wear Mix Syrup
97:43 Harry from Syrup on How to Support Artists During COVID 19
98:25 Tried And True (Raise the Roof) Jeremy Neale
101:24 Morphine Chakra Efendi
105:00 Mugara Wreckhouse
108:05 Keep A Civil Tongue In Your Mouth King Colossus
111:26 Neon Leon Me From The Future
114:56 Spotlight on Brisbane
117:13 Anhedonia Nights (4000 Records) The Holy Rollercoasters
119:36 No Place Like Nundah (4000 Records) The Double Happiness
123:39 Dreams (4000 Records) Syrup, Go On
126:51 Wabi Sabi (4000 Records) Elder
131:51 Oil Rigs (4000 Records) Local Authority
136:37 Spotlight on Brisbane
137:41 Jungle Juice (4000 Records) Marmaleene and The Moondusters
141:49 Finish

Brisbane (Australia) –  based artists are featured on the April edition of Spotlight on the City. You’ll hear from Miss Elm, Bricklayers, Velociraptor, Jordan Merrick and more! Plus, I’m highlighting three Brisbane based labels – Coolin’ By Sound Records, 4000 Records and False Peak Records. Support your local musicians <3


These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…