Best of 2020

Premiere DateDec 8, 2020
00:00 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
01:22 Low Down Blues (New Orleans, Louisiana) The Slick Skillet Serenaders
04:59 Coretta's Song ft. Kirk Joseph and Dr. Michael White (New Orleans, Louisiana) Lilli Lewis Project
09:37 Postcard to Celeste (New Orleans, Louisiana) The Electric Arch
13:10 Drunksober (Long Beach, California) Jerijah
17:06 Taken (Long Beach, California) Lisa Mychols
20:32 He’s In the News Again (Long Beach, California) Chico Harpo
24:02 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
24:56 Known Better (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Nuela Charles
28:24 Downtown Apt (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Perpetuals
32:28 Change Your Mind (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Jom Comyn
34:34 The Hunter (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) Sacred Shrines
38:47 I Don't Belong (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) Jordan Merrick
43:14 Chelsea (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) Spring Skier
47:29 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
48:18 Sing It (Lexington, Kentucky) Cinema Cycle
52:03 If I Break It Down (Lexington, Kentucky Joslyn & The Sweet Compression
55:09 I Don't Feel Right (Lexington, Kentucky) Idiot Glee
60:42 Ifs and Maybes (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Katrina Barclay
64:26 Play Pretend feat BROCRISP and Paul Smallman (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Summer Dregs
68:02 For Someone Not So Old (Chattanooga, Tennessee) Telemonster
73:35 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
74:16 Blackened Sun (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia) Carlton Baker
76:22 Back Road Slow Dance (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia) Clint Cochrum and the Red Clover Ghost
78:22 PSDNA (Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia) Ced Hughes
81:34 Drop a Dime (Youngstown, Ohio) The Zou
84:40 I Get Sentimental (Youngstown, Ohio) Larry Elefante
86:43 I Wasn’t Right (Youngstown, Ohio) Sister Luna
90:26 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
91:23 Almost (Gainesville, Florida) PALIMONY
97:04 Duck Yourself (Gainesville, Florida) Jordan Burchel
101:16 Younger (Gainesville, Florida) The Hails
105:01 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
105:22 Red Light (Fort Wayne, Indiana) The Be Colony
109:17 7:45 A.M. (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Lexi Pifer
113:30 Burial of the Dead (Fort Wayne, Indiana) Slow Dakota
116:13 Oh My (Laramie, Wyoming) Ten Cent Stranger
119:54 Dead Birds (Laramie, Wyoming) Hunter Hicks
123:15 Best of Spotlight on the City 2020
124:35 Phantom (Laramie, Wyoming) The Locals
129:20 Finish

The December edition of Spotlight on the City highlights some of the best bands and solo musicians that I encountered on the podcast in 2020. The show covered 11 cities and their unique and vibrant music scenes.  Tune in as we discover music from places like New Orleans, Louisiana, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Lexington, Kentucky,  Youngstown, Ohio and more! Support your local musicians <3

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…