Best of 2019

Premiere DateDec 10, 2019
00:00 Best of Spotlight on the City 2019
01:09 El Chucho (Hooko) (Jersey City, New Jersey) J Hacha De Zola
04:45 It's All In Your Mind (Jersey City, New Jersey) Sunshine and the Rain
08:03 Sad and Beautiful (Jersey City, New Jersey) Drum and a Tantrum
11:15 Drink Up (Norman, Oklahoma) Harumph
14:42 Ashen Black Line (Norman, Oklahoma) Costello
19:05 That’s Country Boy (Norman, Oklahoma) Mark Clarke
22:17 Best of Spotlight on the City 2019
22:55 Go Easy on Your Heart If You Can (Lansing, Michigan) Pete Jon
26:57 I’m Sloshin Here (Lansing, Michigan) Vincie D
31:49 The Dog And The Buzzard (Lansing, Michigan) Joshua Barton & Seerstones
36:44 Nightmare (Duluth, Minnesota) Superior Siren
39:10 Rocking Horse (Duluth, Minnesota) Breanne Marie & The Front Porch Sinners
42:21 Stephen's Song (Duluth, Minnesota) (Uncircumcised Heart) Cyr
49:00 Best of Spotlight on the City 2019
49:40 Ancestors (Provo, Utah) The BrightSlide
53:48 Afraid (Provo, Utah) Brendan Smith
56:46 I Don't Know What to Call Myself (Provo, Utah) Mysterie Steppe
62:52 Here With Me (Tempe, Arizona) Danger Paul
66:19 Blue Jeans (Tempe, Arizona) Penny Fusion
69:11 Time Has Us All (Tempe, Arizona) Auckland
72:30 Best of Spotlight on the City 2019
73:20 Lucerne (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners
77:47 Say (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Edith Makes a Paper Chain
82:44 Eagle Eye (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Spirettes
87:26 Penguins (Little Rock, Arkansas) Banzai Florist
90:49 Sherilyn (Little Rock, Arkansas) Mondello
95:04 Light Up The World (Little Rock, Arkansas) Dazz & Brie
98:49 Best of Spotlight on the City 2019
99:21 Weekend Plans (Knoxville, Tennessee) Will Pass
102:48 Roommate (Knoxville, Tennessee) Shayla McDaniel
106:30 Dead Mans Dream (Knoxville, Tennessee) Outlaw Ritual
109:35 Wind Change (Worcester, Massachusetts) Aquarius Moon
113:49 Steel Trap (Worcester, Massachusetts) Birds & Bombs
117:40 Don't Ever Stop Believing (Worcester, Massachusetts) Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards
120:03 Guttiwuts (Honolulu, Hawaii) Goon Lei Goon
122:33 Middle Of The Ocean (feat. Stick Figure)(Honolulu, Hawaii) KBong
126:59 Best of Spotlight on the City 2019
128:29 Raised by Wolves(Honolulu, Hawaii) The Foreign Lily
132:25 Finish

This episode of Spotlight on the City highlights some of the best bands and solo musicians that I encountered on the program in 2019. The podcast covered 11 cities that had vibrant local music scenes.  Listen as we discover music from places like Jersey City, New Jersey, Norman, Oklahoma, Lansing, Michigan, Duluth, Minnesota, Provo, Utah, Tempe, Arizona, Colorado Springs, Colorado,  Little Rock, Arkansas, Knoxville, Tennessee, Worcester, Massachusetts and Honolulu, Hawaii. Stay tuned!

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…