Best of 2018

Premiere DateDec 11, 2018
00:00 The Best of Spotlight on the City 2018
01:03 Back on My Feet (Bergen, Norway) Real Ones
04:41 Know More (Portland, Oregon) Those Willows
07:35 Livestock (Columbia, South Carolina) John Dennis
13:01 Oh Japan (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) No Famous Death
15:56 Marigold (St. Louis, Missouri) David Beeman
19:06 The Best of Spotlight on the City 2018
20:15 Cool Moon (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Little Lamb
27:13 Pop Quiz (Bergen, Norway) Moonpedro & The Sinking Ship
29:23 tummy/legs (Albany, New York) Jouska
35:40 Lonely Life (Portland, Oregon) And And And
38:56 The Best of Spotlight on the City 2018
39:46 Not Around (Anchorage, Alaska) Termination Dust
43:32 Neat Little Box Of Chaos (Brattleboro, Vermont) Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass
46:58 Different Kind of Animal (Des Moines, Iowa) Foxholes
51:39 Turn To Dirt (Albany, New York) Bruiser and Bicycle
60:19 The Best of Spotlight on the City 2018
61:21 Feelin it Once More (Portland, Oregon) Mariya May
65:52 Plants and Lamps (Des Moines, Iowa) Annalibera
69:56 Love On Purpose (St. Louis, Missouri) Mother Stutter and the Twisted Tongues
72:47 All We Have (Columbia, South Carolina) Blue, Girl
75:00 Feel The Way You Do (Brussels, Belgium) Wild Shelter
78:24 The Best of Spotlight on the City 2018
79:23 29 Years (Dallas, Texas) Kasko Lunsford
82:20 Come On Out Featuring Baby Willis (Columbia, South Carolina) Mike Collins Jr.
86:31 Labyrinth (Anchorage, Alaska) Ava Earl
90:04 But She Don't Really Mind (Dallas, Texas) Robert Jones
100:23 Drippin' Yellow Paint (Brattleboro, Vermont) A Million Yellow Flowers
102:41 The Best of Spotlight on the City 2018
104:03 Make Your Joy (Brussels, Belgium) Melon Coke
107:57 Finish

This episode of Spotlight on the City highlights some of the best artists that I encountered on the show this year. The podcast covered 11 cities that all had fantastic local music scenes. It was very hard for me to narrow it down to 24 songs, but it had to be done. Listen as we cover music from places like Brussels, Belgium, Anchorage, Alaska, Bergen, Norway, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and more! Stay tuned!

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…