Best of 2017

Premiere DateDec 12, 2017
00:00 Best of Spotlight on the City 2017
00:50 Bad Thoughts Single Pat Chow
02:42 Ship To Shore ABACAXUVA
06:15 The Circle is Closed Except Where it Bleeds Weird.
10:45 Manifesto La Batteria
15:04 A Little Prayer Hussalonia
18:34 Best of Spotlight on the City 2017
20:02 Ever Ever Ever M Ross Perkins
22:55 Made of Gold Human Cannonball
25:32 Bad Things Aircraft
29:57 Warm Shadows Cigarette
33:59 I Shot a Deer Klauss
36:13 Best of Spotlight on the City 2017
36:43 Sagittarius Phoebe Green
39:54 Yes I Front Dash Hounds
43:51 Linger Longer Heather Maloney
48:04 Waiting Song Seasaw
50:32 Monomania Findlay
53:46 Best of Spotlight on the City 2017
55:00 The King Matt Holubowski
58:30 No, It's Not Workman Song
63:10 Alone BEYRIES
67:37 Live/Die Nellie Pearl
71:15 What Does It Mean Denton Hatcher
73:41 O Sadie Eric Schmitt
77:37 Best of Spotlight on the City 2017
78:59 The Things I Do For Fun Wax Fang
82:49 Finish

2017 was a great year for Spotlight on the City. I was lucky enough to work with over 150 artists from 11 cities around the world. For my last episode of 2017, I have picked two artists from each city to feature on my Best of 2017 episode. Make sure to check out the other podcasts from the year here.

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…