Anchorage, Alaska

Premiere DateJul 10, 2018
00:00 Spotlight on Anchorage, Alaska
00:39 All Their Many Miles The Super Saturated Sugar Strings
04:14 Talking Too Much The Dirty Hands
09:29 Lonely Mountain (w/ Courtney Marie Andrews) Evan Phillips
13:02 Andy The Hannah Yoter Band
16:01 Spotlight on Anchorage, Alaska
16:33 Not Around Termination Dust
20:19 Shot Down Ralph Castelli
23:28 Riddles And Wires The Jephries
30:41 Scooby Doo’d Sundog
36:47 Spotlight on Anchorage, Alaska
38:08 Stand Up! Hope Social Club
42:23 Labyrinth Ava Earl
45:55 In Too Deep Emma Hill
48:58 Making Friends Bricks & Honey
55:02 Spotlight on Anchorage, Alaska
56:23 Rock'n'Roll The High Pets
59:12 Pull of a Breeze Chartreuse Noose
65:12 Reincarnation Cliff and Ivy
69:57 Pulse Mossnova
75:48 Back To Washington Big Fat Buddha
79:49 Spotlight on Anchorage, Alaska
81:51 Anchorage Marian Call
89:33 Finish

Anchorage, Alaska artists are featured on the July edition of Spotlight on the City. You’ll hear from Cliff and Ivy, The High Pets, Ralph Castelli, The Dirty Hands, and more. Stay tuned!

HOST Lottie
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