Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan. 00:00 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan 00:31 Time is Now-Humons 04:42 Made a Place-Dog & Panther 08:34 Level Up-Vienna Teng 12:24 Girls on Parade-George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus 15:52 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan 16:48 Shotgun-Flint Eastwood 19:51 Voices Rant On-The Go 24:02 Feral Cats-Protomartyr 26:54 For You And I-The Hounds Below 29:37 We All Need Honey (Facts: Sheefy Mcfly)-Lord Scrummage 32:09 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan 33:09 You Showed Me-Mountain Time 36:03 I Wonder-Deadbeat Beat 41:49 Promenade-The Kickstand Band 43:44 Face Parade-The Pizazz 45:43 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan 46:12 Count Your Curses-Cool Graveyards 50:19 Cigarette Girls-Fake Surfers 51:28 Made of Ash-Flat Black Animal 54:07 Wind blew Cold-Timmy Vulgar 58:27 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan 58:58 Missing Time-Feelings 63:34 Toothpaste-Growwing Pains 65:24 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan 65:54 Sunshine-Fur 68:47 Finish Humons Dog & Panther Vienna Teng George Morris & They Gypsy Chorus photo: Joe Gall Flint Eastwood Jan 18, 2014 The Loving Touch-Ferndale,MI The Go The Hounds Below Lord Scrummage Mountain Time Deadbeat Beat The Kickstand Band Protomartyr Dec. 26, 2013 Jumbo's Bar-Detroit Fake Surfers Flat Black Animal Timmy Vulgar Feelings Growwing Pains Fur Flesh Wave Gold Tapes Urinal Cake Records
Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland. November 12, 2013.
Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana. 00:00 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana 00:35 Drop Trou-Vagabond Swing 05:20 If I Was a Farmer-Feufollet 10:39 This Song-ImagineIAM 15:41 Hair Thrown Upward and Back-The Lena Groove 18:39 Gone Away-Silent Spark 22:53 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana 23:56 Mile 98-Nick Lavin 26:46 The Wolves-Sean Bruce 31:29 Suffering and Pain-Reece Sullivan 34:22 Waste My Time-The Carbon Poppies 36:34 Hot Potato-The Amazing Nuns 38:27 Happy I'm Not You-Hotblack Desiato 42:11 Chuck Jones Bull-Cones of Uncertainty 44:48 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana 46:05 Beginning-Fights 49:53 Drive Me Crazy-Nights & Nights 54:03 Wishful Thinking-Television Man 57:23 Barefoot-Us Over Water 62:34 Abyss-The Botanist 66:57 Compliment-Selfawarewolf 73:01 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana 73:55 Parvatti The Witch Dances in New Delhi-MILKS 78:58 Finish Vagabond Swing photo: Vagabond Swing Oct 11, 2013 Alabama Music Box-Mobile,AL Oct 12, 2013 Blue Canoe-Tupelo,MS Nov 08, 2013 Red River District-Shreveport,LA Feufollet photo: Blake Bumpus Oct 12, 2013 Festival Acadiens et Creoles-Lafayette,LA Oct 12, 2013 Blue Moon Saloon-Lafayette,LA Oct 27, 2013 Lakeview Park-Eunice,LA ImagineIAM photo: ImagineIAM The Lena Groove photo: The Lena Groove Fights photo: Fights Silent Spark photo: Silent Spark Nick Lavin photo: Nick Lavin Sean Bruce photo: Sean Bruce Reece Sullivan photo: Reece Sullivan Oct 12, 2013 Neutral Grounds Coffee Shop-New Orleans,LA Oct 25, 2013 Frankie's-Lafayette,LA The Carbon Poppies photo: The Carbon Poppies Nov 22, 2013 Parc San Souci-Lafayette,LA The Amazing Nuns photo: The Amazing Nuns Hotblack Desiato photo: Hotblack Desitato Cones of Uncertainty photo: Cones of Uncertainty Nights & Nights photo: Nights & Nights Television Man photo: Television Man Us Over Water photo: Us Over Water The Botanist photo: The Botanist Selfawarewolf photo: Selfawarewolf Nov 9, 2013 The Station-Broussard,LA MILKS photo: Milks
You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City. For the month of September, I'm going to feature Ann Arbor, Michigan. 00:00 Spotlight on Ann Arbor, Michigan 00:19 Some Other Times-Radiant Marks 03:34 Attitude -Chit Chat 06:29 Good God, Lemon!-Wednesday in May 09:05 The Path Home-Bad Indians 11:46 Spotlight on Ann Arbor, Michigan 12:18 Backfire-Absofacto 16:25 Lay Back-Babydown 20:04 Spells-Medicine Hat 25:40 Raining-Shells 31:50 White Sun-Soap 36:34 Starlight Beach-Damned Dogs 40:30 Spotlight on Ann Arbor, Michigan 41:10 The Devil's Waiting Room-Sysster 44:12 Empty Beach-Saturday Looks Good To Me 47:33 Mr. Shambles-Jack and The Bear 51:07 I Wish I Had a Home-Rebel Kind 54:12 Danielley's Song-Jetty Rae 57:58 Poor Laetitia-Orpheum Bell 61:48 Spotlight on Ann Arbor, Michigan 63:13 Only Blue Lightning Bugscome Out After the Rain-Sad Souls 69:02 Finish Radiant Marks Chit Chat Sept 14, 2013 Blind Pig-Ann Arbor,MI Wednesday in May Bad Indians photo: Nate Dorr Absofacto Babydown Medicine Hat Shells Soap Damned Dogs Sysster Saturday Looks Good To Me Doug Coombe Sept 26, 2013 Hunter's Ale House-Mount Pleasant,MI Sept 27, 2013 Midpoint Music Festival- Cincinnati,OH Sept 28, 2013 Pygmalion Music Festival-Champaign,IL Jack and The Bear Sept 10, 2013 Emerald Lounge-Asheville,NC Sept 11, 2013 Motorco Music Hall-Durham,NC Sept 12, 2013 Miller's Downtown-Charlottesville,VA Dec 3, 2013 rock wood Music Hall-New York,NY Rebel Kind Jetty Rae Sept 15, 2013 Moomers-Traverse City,MI Oct 3, 2013 Southwest Minnesota State University-Marshall,MN Orpheum Bell Dec 01, 2013 Old Town School-Chicago,IL Dec 13, 2013 LangLab-South Bend,IN Dec 14, 2013 Bells Brewery-Kalamazoo,MI Dec 15, 2013 The Ark-Ann Arbor,MI Sad Souls
You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City. For the month of August, I am going to feature Johannesburg, South Africa.
You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City. For the month of July, I am going to feature Asheville, North Carolina!
You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City! For the month of June, I am featuring Columbus, Ohio!
Spotlight on Kalamazoo, Michigan.
You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City! For the month of April, I am going to feature Ithaca, New York!
You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City. For the month of March, I am going to feature Sacramento, California.
Spotlight on Boise, Idaho!
Happy 2013. You've just tuned into Spotlight on the City. This month, I am going to feature Bloomington, Indiana.