Tyler Fischer

Premiere DateJun 23, 2014
Categories Comedy Culture Talk
00:00 Intro
00:46 Guest: Tyler Fischer
07:04 Tyler's Tinder addiction
08:50 Tyler's prank videos
13:47 Uhhh.....okay
16:38 Apple Store prank
21:28 Tyler's perfect Sunday afternoon
22:49 Tell me about your child
26:14 Confession time
29:06 James Bond
30:47 First jokes
33:33 What's next for Tyler Fischer?
35:34 Stadium intro music
39:40 Finish

The Spit Take is BTR’s newest video series and podcast, hosted by George Flanagan. In this inaugural episode, George sits down with the hilarious Tyler Fischer, whose ridiculous prank videos have been featured on Gawker and Huffington Post. In their candid chat, Fischer shares his Tinder philosophy and addiction, discusses his perfect Sunday afternoon, and also talks with George about the perfect song to enter a stadium to.

GEORGE and TYLER shake on it!

TYLER discoveres a Cheetos faucet!

George is a musician living in Queens, NY. Until the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to shut down, he worked as a manager in a record shop. Originally from Massachusetts, he's now been in NYC for around…