Nick Naney

Premiere DateApr 27, 2015
Categories Comedy Culture Talk
00:00 Intro
00:42 Guest: Nick Naney
03:00 Confidence and naked comedy
08:52 Nick Naney Film Festival
13:54 Just In The Nick of Time
25:54 Hey, how's my hair?
27:35 Stealing bits and heckling
31:50 Misunderstanding the audience
33:12 Sci Fi, Star Trek and Star Wars
37:30 Cargo pants and skinny jeans
39:40 What's next for Nick Naney?
42:00 Finish

The hilarious Nick Naney drops by and helps instigate the filthiest installment of Spit Take Comedy yet! Nothing is off limits as Nick discusses the time he guest-hosted the Naked Comedy Show at NYC comedy hotspot The Creek and the Cave, as well as unfortunate offers of oral sex and so-called “sperm parties” — all with equal enthusiasm and insight. Nick also gives heartfelt advice to President Obama and others in a segment we call “Just In The Nick of Time.”

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With his charming good looks and cunning street smarts, George Flanagan has "the goods," as they say in the entertainment industry. Originally from Massachusetts, he's now been in NYC for over fifteen years,…