Meredith Hackman

Premiere DateNov 10, 2014
Categories Comedy Culture Talk
00:00 Intro
00:53 Guest: Meredith Hackman
01:42 Gypsy Danger!
05:26 Improv dream team
07:35 Meredith's Dad and Annie
10:30 Pumpkin Spice
13:04 Working together
14:44 Obnoxious sound effects
18:37 In The Future We Ride Unicorns
23:26 Traveling abroad
27:03 Meredith's ideal Friday night
28:36 Meredith's certificate of recognition
31:21 Back to Ecuador
33:50 Jersey and pot heads and more Ecuador
38:43 What's next for Meredith Hackman?
39:30 Finish

In this episode George welcomes writer and performer Meredith Hackman to discuss her improv team’s controversial name, pumpkin spice overkill and the lovely country of Ecuador.  Be sure to catch Meredith perform as part of Gypsy Danger at The PIT in NYC every Wednesday. And please forgive George for his atrocious attempt at improv in this episode.  He knows not what he does.

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George is a musician living in Queens, NY. Until the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to shut down, he worked as a manager in a record shop. Originally from Massachusetts, he's now been in NYC for around…