Joe Zimmerman

Premiere DateNov 23, 2015
Categories Comedy Culture Talk
00:00 Intro
00:33 Guest: Joe Zimmerman
01:12 Opening for Brian Regan
07:28 Andy Sandford trash talk
08:55 Universe City podcast
13:25 Astoria
15:45 Andrew Jackson Did He Do That?
27:30 Spin Doctors Spotlight
32:20 Coffee Shop aficionado
37:48 Topical Topics Mets in the World Series
40:37 What's Next for Joe Zimmerman?
43:00 Finish

The hilarious Joe Zimmerman drops in for a visit with George at the Spit Take Comedy studio. They discuss the highs and lows of the Spin Doctors catalog, as well as play and exciting game of Andrew Jackson: Did He Do That?

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Joe Zimmerman on Twitter: @JoeZimmerman

George is a musician living in Queens, NY. Until the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to shut down, he worked as a manager in a record shop. Originally from Massachusetts, he's now been in NYC for around…