Brendan McLaughlin

Premiere DateFeb 17, 2015
Categories Comedy Culture Talk
00:00 Intro
00:40 Guest: Brendan McLaughlin
04:58 Kelsey Grammer talk
09:35 We're Nice Peolpe
13:16 Writing projects
15:58 Mark Knophler
17:55 Serious writing question
19:44 Music talk
23:35 First concert, worst concert, best concert, breast concert
36:29 The Replacements
40:59 Back to The Future
42:50 Finish

Brendan McLaughlin drops by to chat with George about his recent appearance in Wasted Frasier, as well as being named one of the Top 1000 Comedians of 2014. Brendan, who has written for MTV and Best Week Ever, offers some writing advice and plays a fun round of “The Replacements Game.”

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George is a musician living in Queens, NY. Until the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to shut down, he worked as a manager in a record shop. Originally from Massachusetts, he's now been in NYC for around…