Ben Kronberg

Premiere DateNov 24, 2014
Categories Comedy Culture Talk
00:00 Intro
00:53 Guest: Ben Kronberg
02:48 One liners
05:25 Pauses on stage
09:09 Diner food choices
10:34 Topical Topics
13:55 Modern Comedian and Ben's music
19:06 Ben's perfect Fall Sunday afternoon
24:13 Ashes to flashes
25:44 Friends with benefits for life
28:13 Ben on Last Comic Standing
36:18 What's next for Ben Kronberg?
41:10 Finish

George welcomes the wonderfully absurd Ben Kronberg (Late Night with Seth Meyers, Last Comic Standing) to the show to discuss his one liner style, his musicianship, and diner food. Then things really heat up during a round of “Topical Topics” when Ben fills George in on his dick pic history.

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Official website for Ben Kronberg: BEN KRONBERG.COM
Ben Kronberg on Twitter: @benkronberg

George is a musician living in Queens, NY. Until the COVID-19 pandemic caused businesses to shut down, he worked as a manager in a record shop. Originally from Massachusetts, he's now been in NYC for around…