SoCal Sounds

Premiere DateDec 24, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
00:28 Home – Odd Us
03:55 Rain on Me – Odd Us
07:17 Sword in the Stone – Odd Us
10:42 You Make It Easy – The Well Pennies
14:29 I Can’t Wait – Katie Cole
17:31 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
18:59 Notice Me – Keaton Simons
20:14 Lost Inside A Moment – Katie Cole
23:36 Lucky One – Katie Cole
27:18 DJ Maia Folk Wave
27:37 Everything – Tom Freund
31:22 Bloody – Renata Youngblood
35:44 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
36:13 Where Are You? – Renata Youngblood
40:12 Light – Renata Youngblood
45:25 Drowning – Fleeting Heart
49:19 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
49:59 Winter Song – Fleeting Heart
54:45 You Should – Fleeting Heart
58:48 On My Way – Clayton Joseph Scott
63:08 Finish

Celebrating the last episode of 2012 with four new artist spotlights on Odd Us, Katie Cole, Renata Youngblood and Fleeting Heart. Also, I share a never before heard song by Keaton Simons, co-written by yours truly!

Katie Cole (Photo from Katie Cole)
January 22 – Park City, UT @ Sundance Film Festival

Odd Us (Photo from Odd Us)

Renata Youngblood (Photo from Renata Youngblood)

Fleeting Heart (Photo from Fleeting Heart)

Keaton Simons (Photo by Zach Lipp)
January 5 – Los Angels, CA @ The Hotel Café

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