SoCal Sounds

Premiere DateAug 20, 2012
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00:00 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
01:02 Knock You Out – Josh Damigo ft B Willing James
03:34 Wasting Time – ALO
09:28 So Far – Omar Velasco
13:32 Back To Me – Tony Lucca
17:28 Love And Light – Kyla Graves
20:51 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
21:41 Nothing To Do – The Well Pennies
24:48 All The Pretty Girls – The Well Pennies
28:41 You Make It Easy – The Well Pennies
32:27 DJ Maia Folk Wave
32:46 Around My Finger – The Well Pennies
36:04 Feels Like Home – The Well Pennies
39:40 I Hope You Notice Me – The Well Pennies
42:57 DJ Laura SoCal Sounds
43:45 Share The Light of the World – Kai Brown
48:26 Keep You in Mind – Shane Alexander
52:44 Beginning of Again – Martin Storrow
56:56 Face The Beast – Jenni Alpert
60:55 Finish

This month we’re featuring an album listening party for The Well Pennies’ new, self-titled EP out now! Also, new tunes from Josh Damigo who released his new album “Hope” just last week.

The Well Pennies (Photo from The Well Pennies)

Josh Damigo (Photo from Josh Damigo)

Kai Brown (Photo from Kai Brown)
September 6 – Venice, CA @ Witzend

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