Smoke & Cinema
Zach Schepis and Rebecca Chodorkoff review the newest indie flicks and blockbusters while providing film commentary and interviews with those involved. This podcast series was previously known as Scotch & Cinema.
Zach Schepis and Becca Chodorkoff have co-hosted BTR's Smoke & Cinema podcast since May 2016. Learn more about Becca and Zach.
Recent Episodes
We talk Emma Watson, Scientology, why Jeff Sessions is a piece of shit, and review the HBO miniseries "The Young Pope."
In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, this week we're airing a throwback to our review of last year's Best Picture, director Tom McCarthy's "Spotlight," starring Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Mark Ruffalo.
We review the critically acclaimed new contender for Best Picture, "Moonlight."
We talk "Free Melania Trump," the coming apocalypse, Jeff Session, and review the HBO series "Veep."
In light if the historic inauguration, his week we're reviewing the hilarious series Drunk History.
We talk about the controversial new MJ flick, Netflix cheat codes, and review the doc "After Porn Ends."