Sew & Tell: Week of 11/06/15

Premiere DateNov 6, 2015
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: At the Beach Humans)
01:31 Interview with Brooke Goldman of DISTRICT Collection
11:21 DJ Marie
12:15 Livin' the Dream Young Guv
14:42 Lady Red Travis Bretzer
18:51 Savage Seminar Grooms
21:02 DJ Marie
22:50 Interview with Brooke Goldman
27:59 DJ Marie
28:54 Love Is Deep Matthew E. White
32:40 Swimming in 99 Golden Suits
38:18 DJ Marie
39:16 Interview with Brooke Goldman
46:53 DJ Marie
48:12 Live and Shout It Diamond Rugs
51:20 Finish

Encore – Originally Aired Mar 13, 2015

It’s (almost) spring!! While we are technically still one week out according to the calendar, the snow has started to thaw, grass is showing, and the sun is shining, so we here at BTR are celebrating! And what better way to ring in the spring than with some beautiful, beachy fashion? Brooke Goldman launched her line DISTRICT Collection three years ago, and in that short time, her label has grown to be synonymous with flirtatious, fashion-forward styles that are incredibly versatile. It’s no wonder that Blake Lively is counted amongst Brooke’s fan base – Brooke’s designs offer effortless elegance. On today’s show, Brooke will talk about discovering her fashion path while majoring in anthropology, the insights she gained while working in buying and merchandising that helped her build a successful brand, the DISTRICT aesthetic, her textile-driven creative process, and more.

Plus, I’ve got new material in the mix today from Canadian musician Travis Bretzer, Brooklyn band Grooms, Virginia musician/producer Matthew E. White, and a track off the debut from a new project, Young Guv. All that’s coming up this hour, so ignore the fact that it’s only 40 degrees: put on your sandals and join us as we celebrate spring style in full bloom, with Sew & Tell on BTR!

Selections from DISTRICT Collection, by Brooke Goldman
(Photos courtesy of DISTRICT Collection)

S/S 2015

A sneak peak at the DISTRICT capsule Guilty Pleasures,  A/W 15

(Photo courtesy of Grooms Facebook)

Matthew E. White
(Photo by Shawn Brack)

Diamond Rugs
(Photo by Dave “Smoota” Smith)

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