Sew & Tell: Week of 10/16/15

Premiere DateOct 16, 2015
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Sunglasses Saturday Looks Good To Me)
03:30 Interview with designer Gail Be
12:51 DJ Marie
14:06 Winter Dress The Amazing
19:30 On Your Own Love Again Jessica Pratt
20:57 Somebody Was Watching Pops Staples
24:59 DJ Marie
26:34 Interview with Gail Be
31:00 DJ Marie
31:54 Dress Sylvan Esso
35:40 Sweet as Ice Lia Ices
39:15 Sparks Sleep Thieves
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44:53 Interview with Gail Be
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50:12 Sugar and Cream Acorn Lane
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Originally Aired – Feb 27th 2015

Between NYFW and last Sunday’s Oscars, the fashion world has been saturated with glamour over the last couple weeks – but nothing compares with the mind-bogglingly intricate work of Minnesota-based bead collector and designer Gail Be. What started as a handful of classes in beaded jewelry grew quickly into a lifelong passion for beadwork, and eventually manifested in the stunning, full-length, all-bead garments that Gail creates today. Lady Gaga wore one of her designs on the cover of “Cheek to Cheek,” her recent collaboration album with Tony Bennett, but its Gail’s latest project that has been turning heads all over the globe: Fantasy, the world’s largest beaded wedding gown. Join us today as Gail shares the incredible story behind her work, the process of building Fantasy, her passion for vintage beads, and her plans for new designs.

Plus, I have a playlist sparkling songs to match Gail’s work and the winter weather – you’ll hear the latest from Swedish band The Amazing, California freak folk singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt, gospel/R&B legend Pops Staples, and more. So indulge in a little more red-carpet-level glamour with us today as we go behind-the-scenes with Gail Be, here on BreakThru Radio.

Gail Be Designs, by Gail Be
(All photos courtesy of Gail Be Designs)


A long shot of Fantasy, showing its breathtaking train

This little girl helps give viewers a sense of Fantasy’s massive scale

Some exquisite front detail work

The back of the bodice is equally intricate

Thousands of hours of painstaking work went into the creation of Fantasy

The labor of love, in process

Erotic Ice

The headpiece and bodice worn by Lady Gaga, made entirely from vintage beads

Lady Gaga on the album cover for “Cheek to Cheek,” wearing Erotic Ice

Garden of Eden

A red carpet show-stopper!

For more about Fantasy and Gail’s work…
– Check out this video of Fantasy that shows the dress in all its awe-inspiring splendor.
– Stay up-to-date on all the latest news and projects from Gail through Facebook, and follow her inspirations via Pinterest!

Odds & Ends
*Watch a great short documentary on the making of the recent Pops Staples posthumous release, produced and finished by Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy.
*The best NYFW coverage can always be found on – be sure to check out Thom Browne’s amazing presentation in particular! New York Magazine also did a fun series of their picks for best-dressed from each day of NYFW!
*Emma Stone won the Oscars red carpet. Did anyone else’s dress even matter?
*WE SAID GOODBYE TO PARKS & REC THIS WEEK!!! I felt insufficiently prepared, and so Tim and I are going back to the beginning to re-watch the entire show before we watch the finale. But I love this farewell performance from the cast.
*Two recent crockpot winners: meatloaf (scroll down) and Chicken Tikka Masala. Take that, winter!

The Amazing
(Photo courtesy of The Amazing)

Jessica Pratt
(Photo by Colby Droscher)

Sylvan Esso
(Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg)

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