Sew & Tell: Week of 9.11.15.

Premiere DateSep 11, 2015
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00:00 Host Britt Sondreal (Underneath: Reve Ariane Moffatt)
03:06 Interview with Rob Sanchez of Fashion Is Your Business and Ralph & Remington
12:33 Host Britt
13:48 Echoes Painted Palms
16:15 Bounty Steven A. Clark
21:01 Host Britt
22:02 Interview with Pavan Bahl of Open Source Fashion and Fashion Is Your Business and Rob Sanchez
36:55 Host Britt
38:17 Options Brika
41:10 Orion The Mynabirds
46:05 Host Britt
47:12 Interview with Pavan Bahl and Rob Sanchez
59:18 Host Britt
61:02 Empty Nesters (Radio Edit) Toro Y Moi
64:03 Finish

For BTR’s Open Week, Sew & Tell goes meta! I had the great opportunity to speak with Rob Sanchez and Pavan Bahl, two-thirds of the dynamic host trio behind Fashion Is Your Business, a great new podcast focused on the intersection of fashion, business and tech. In addition to hosting the weekly show, both men are entrepreneurs in the fashion field themselves: Rob just launched his own innovative menswear label, Ralph & Remington, while Pavan is the founder of a unique community and fashion/tech incubator called Open Source Fashion. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Rob and Pavan about their own individual projects, the development of Fashion Is Your Business, how the radio format can serve as a unique platform for fashion, a few of their own favorite fashion pieces, upcoming events and developments for Open Source Fashion and Ralph & Remington, and more!

And in the mix I’ve got a great playlist of indie tracks for you, featuring new work from electro-pop artists like Painted Palms, Brika, and The Mynabirds. So open yourself up to the business of fashion, with Fashion Is Your Business on BTR’s Sew & Tell!

Fashion Is Your Business, hosted by Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco
(Photos and logo courtesy of Fashion Is Your Business)

FIYB Hosts (from left to right): Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez

FIYB recording session

*Be sure to check out this week’s 50th episode special of Fashion Is Your Business, which you can stream online or find on iTunes and Stitcher! And to keep up with all the latest from the Fashion Is Your Business trio, track them down on…

*Take a peek at the Open Source Fashion calendar of events – there’s a full schedule of fantastic workshops and opportunities happening during NYFW! And if you’re in town, stop by the Nolcha Fashion Week Afterparty, co-hosted by Fashion Is Your Business and Open Source Fashion. It’s a private event, but Sew & Tell listeners can gain access with the code “queen.” Specify that you’re invited by OS Fashion, and get ready to party! Connect with the OSF community through…

*To learn more about design and development from Ralph & Remington, read up on Rob’s vision through the About and Story sections, and place your pre-order for their blended wool socks now! Find more Ralph & Remington on…

Odds & Ends
– Not ready to give up those white jeans just because the weather turns crisp? Good news, no need! According to professional stylists, white is good to wear all year long. How did the “no white after Labor Day” rule come into effect in the first place? wiseGEEK offers a few theories on the historical evolution of this unnecessary “rule” that was made to be broken.
This eye-opening article from Racked offers insight into why that too-good-to-be-true deal on designer goods from Nordstroms Rack might not actually be true after all.
– Thanks to brilliant minds somewhere, the Catalina Wine Mixer from “Step Brothers” is now actually happening. There will be so many activities to do there!
– Tim & I are looking to turn over a new healthier eating leaf this fall (haha, fall leaves!), and this recipe promises a delicious yet waist-friendly opportunity to celebrate the season.
– How gorgeous is this Single-Button Ombre Cardigan from Indigenous Designs? I’ll take one in each color, thankyouverymuch.

Steven A. Clark
(Photo by Devin Christopher)

(Photo by Jeffery Salter)

The Mynabirds
(Photo by Bliss Braoudakis)

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