Sew & Tell: Week of 9.4.15.

Premiere DateSep 4, 2015
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Soaring Shigeto)
03:05 Interview with Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm of Awamaki Lab
09:44 DJ Marie
10:19 Lonesome Dr. Dog
13:30 Skin and Bone Heartless Bastards
17:24 Leonard Sharon Van Etten
21:05 DJ Marie
22:13 Interview with Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm
28:14 DJ Marie
29:22 Light Year Girl The Phantom Family Halo
33:14 We Will Commit Wolf Murder of Montreal
38:44 The Dancer Young Magic
42:25 DJ Marie
43:34 Interview with Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm
50:21 DJ Marie
52:58 Always On The Run Yuksek
56:42 Finish

Re-broadcast, originally aired 2/10/12. I know that NYC is still celebrating the Superbowl hardcore, and I hope you fully enjoyed the amazing, nail-biting win… BUT. Let’s be serious. The Superbowl of Style is just around the corner – NY Fashion Week! So we’re gonna get down to business and talk fashion today.

And speaking of business – I have the honor of highlighting an incredible organization and business venture on today’s show. Awamaki is a non-profit based in Peru, that works with local women to preserve indigenous weaving techniques, and to further their skills as craftspeople. Towards that end, Awamaki recently launched a design residency program, spearheaded by Annie Millican. The Awamaki Lab residency offers young designers an opportunity to create a collection of clothing, built around these beautiful traditional Peruvian textiles. Awamaki Lab just celebrated the launch of its second collection, F/W 2012, designed by collaborators and fellow Parsons grads Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm. The pieces are timeless yet modern, with references to menswear that retain a thoroughly feminine sensibility. On today’s show, Andria and Courtney talk about their experiences in Peru, learning about local fibers and natural dyes, and how anthropologists and explorers from the turn of the century led to these gorgeous garments.

Plus, tons of great new music today from Dr. Dog, Sharon Van Etten, of Montreal, Young Magic and more! So prep yourself for Fashion Week with your first collection of F/W 2012…

*Note: In the broadcast, I mention that the first Awamaki Lab Collection was designed as a collaboration between Annie Millican and Nieli Vallin. This is incorrect; Annie facilitated and created the residency, but Nieli was the sole designer. You can see images of Nieli’s Awamaki Lab designs here, in a slideshow published by Ecouterre.

Selections from Awamaki Lab Collection 2, F/W 2012
(Designs by Andria Crescioni and Courtney Cedarholm, Photos by Kate Reeder)

Dr. Dog
(Photo by Jason Nocito)

Sharon Van Etten
(Photo by Kristianna Smith)

of Montreal
(Photo by Patrick Heagney, courtesy of Pitchfork)

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