Sew & Tell

Premiere DateMar 27, 2015
Categories Media Talk
00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: In The Green Wild Julia Holter)
02:24 Interview with Virginia Hastings
16:44 DJ Marie
17:45 You Got Under My Skin Simon Joyner
21:12 South (Of America) (Live) Phosphorescent
25:25 DJ Marie
26:34 Interview with Virginia Hastings
37:54 DJ Marie
38:35 Palm Villas Gold & Youth
41:40 Another Green World Aloa Input
45:40 DJ Marie
46:33 Interview with Virginia Hastings
61:14 DJ Marie
62:00 Go Outside (Menahan Street Band Remix) Cults
65:10 Finish

On today’s show, I got to chat with a dear friend and fantastically fashionable production designer, Virginia Hastings. Virginia has worked in production design here in New York for over seven years, leading and contributing to design teams on feature films, shorts, commercials, and corporate events like the Tonys, MTV Video Music Awards, and even this year’s Superbowl! On today’s show, Virginia talks about the role of production design within film, some of the creative challenges she’s faced on the job, the skills and strengths required to work as part of a film team, and how to prepare to be stylishly unprepared.

And I’ve got a nature-themed playlist featuring tracks off the latest from Nebraska legend Simon Joyner and Georgia native Matthew Houck (aka Phosphorescent), along with songs from Canada’s Gold & Youth, German trio Aloa Input, and Brooklyn’s own indie sensation Cults. So get ready to look your best even when you’re unprepared, with Sew & Tell on BTR!

Production Design by Virginia Hastings
(All photos courtesy of Virginia Hastings)

Set for “Almost Anonymous,” a web series by Mathilde Dratwa

The set for “Foreign Letters,” a feature film by Ela Their for which Virginia served as Art Director

Dressing rooms for VH1’s You Outta Know 2014

Set-up for Target’s 2014 Fall Meeting

Virginia looking fabulous & sewing pillows into the wee hours for the 2014 Tony Awards (THOSE BRACELETS!!)

Virginia looking fabulous & striking a yoga pose on set (THAT NECKLACE!!)

A few photos by Virginia

The carpet post-Beyonce dancers, at the 2014 VMA’s

Baking still for a photo shoot

Snow day

A Polyvore set I assembled of styles that remind me of VA

Virginia by brittmariesusan featuring a juice jar

Frye harness boots

Nixon wool shawl

Napoleon Perdis fake eyelash

Clinique black lipstick

Simon Joyner
(Photo by Sarah Adkisson Joyner)
April 4 – Slowdown – Omaha, NE
May 18 – Woodsist Festival @ Loma Vista Gardens – Big Sur, CA

(Photo by Maz Ameli)
April 18 – Untapped Festival – Austin, TX

Aloa Input
(Photo by Ela Grieshaber)
March 28 – Studio 2 @ Bayerischer Rundfunk – Munich, Germany
April 11 – Motel Mozaique – Rotterdam, Netherlands
April 12 – DOORNROOSJE – Nijmegen, Netherlands
April 13 – Faust – Hannover, Germany
April 14 – E-Werk – Erlangen, Germany
April 15 – Centralstation – Darmstadt, Germany

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