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Premiere DateJan 16, 2015
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Stand Still feat. Micky Green)
03:14 Interview with Hans Eijkelboom
08:57 DJ Marie
10:03 Yesterday Man Robert Wyatt
13:04 Ordinary Boy The History Of Apple Pie
16:45 Up on the Promenade Filmstrip
21:32 DJ Marie
23:26 Interview with Hans Eijkelboom
30:01 DJ Marie
31:36 Ordinary Copeland
34:59 Killing Time Rokkurro
37:54 Cargo Cult We Were Evergreen
41:05 DJ Marie
42:20 Interview with Hans Eijkelboom
45:11 DJ Marie
46:14 Everyone And Us Peaking Lights
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I have a very cool feature for you on this week’s Sew & Tell; my guest is Dutch photographer/conceptual artist Hans Eijkelboom, whose recently published tome of street photography, People of the Twenty-First Century, has been making waves in the street style community. For over twenty years on an almost daily basis, Hans has visited public spaces like markets and shopping malls, seeking out repetitive patterns in human behavior and appearance. Of the visual patterns that are evident in this collection, one of the most remarkable is the repetition of street style and fashion trends. Grid after grid of people wearing the same shirt, same jacket, same hat, same bag, on the same day, add up to a visual catalogue of fashion and culture consumption. On today’s show, Hans talks about how the project first began, his process of taking pictures and finding patterns, its significance as a collection, how the age of the internet has changed street style, and more.

Plus, I have music in the mix today from Brit pop legend Robert Wyatt, Cleveland indie pop trio Filmstrip, the reunited Copeland, and more. So join us as we examine the evidence of fashion as machine, with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!

Selections from People of the Twenty-First Century by Hans Eijkelboom
(All photos by Hans Eijkelboom, courtesy of Phaidon)

1997 08 24 New York City, US

2005 04 15 Amsterdam, NL

2006 03 21 New York City, US

2006 09 09 Paris, FR

2007 04 24 Amsterdam, NL

2007 11 o7 New York City, US

2013 11 10 Amsterdam, NL

For more of Hans’s work:
– Visit his website and read about his past works and exhibitions.
– Read this great piece on Hans’s career from the Aperture Foundation, this article from The Guardian about People of the Twenty-First Century, and this fantastic interview with Hans from Phaidon. (Seriously take the time to read all three – they all reveal unique information about Hans’s work.)
– Buy People of the Twenty-First Century through Phaidon or Amazon!

Odds & Ends:
– A slideshow of Golden Globes fashion from NY Daily News! What are your picks for best & worst? (And while we’re on the subject… much as I did not like Amal’s gloves, I think Kathy Griffin went a bit too far…)
Instacart is my new best friend – it is *truly* amazing! Competitive pricing with Fresh Direct, but all your local groceries. What could be better?
– Calling all fans of “Parks and Rec”: Cones of Dunshire! IT’S ALL HAPPENING! DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!
– The split pea soup I made last weekend was nothing short of marvelous – the perfect, comforting January dish. I plan to wait out winter with my crockpot, so this weekend I’ll be trying Parmesan Chicken from How Sweet It Is. (Huff Po recently published a great round-up of crockpot friendly meals, for all you fellow slow cookers!)
– Tim got me these earrings for Christmas this year – I can’t wait to break them out for our Valentine’s date night! (And I was just informed that my particular pair are special edition, meaning they are made with gold instead of bronze. Fancy!!)

(Photo by David Sullivan)
Feb 2 – The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
Feb 3 – Heaven Stage @ The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
Feb 4 – Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN
Feb 7 – For the Love Festival @ C&I Studios – Fort Lauderdale, FL

(Photo by Matt Eisman)
Jan 17 – Kleiner Donner – Hamburg, Germany
Jan 18 – So What Voorzaal – Gouda, Netherlands
Jan 19 – Roter Salon – Berlin, Germany
Jan 20 – Pod Minoga – Poznan, Poland
Jan 21 – Scheune – Erlangen, Germany
Jan 22 – Kulturladen Kfz – Marburg, Germany
Jan 23 – Gare De Lion – Wil, Switzerland
Jan 25 – Cafe Wagner – Jena, Germany
Jan 27 – Circolo Degli Artisti – Rome, Italy
Jan 28 – Circolo Magnolia – Milan, Italy
Jan 29 – Bad Bonn – Dudingen, Switzerland
Jan 31 – Stereolux – Nantes, France
Feb 1 – 6PAR4 – Laval, France
Feb 2 – Start The Bus – Bristol, United Kingdom
Feb 3 – The Tin at The Coal Vaults – Coventry, United Kingdom
Feb 4 – Sebright Arms – London, United Kingdom

Peaking Lights
(Photo by David Black)
Feb 23 – March 1 – Festival Nrmal @ Deportivo Lomas Altas – Mexico City, Mexico

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