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Premiere DateDec 19, 2014
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Silver Caribou)
02:55 DJ Jen on the “no poo” hair care movement
06:22 DJ Marie
07:46 Holiday Pink Mountaintops
10:59 DJ Marie
12:08 DJ Dane on Ebay bidding and vintage watches
16:13 DJ Marie
17:35 December The Helio Sequence
20:51 DJ Marie
21:52 DJ Jess with travel fashion tips
24:48 DJ Marie
25:42 Desert Bell Tweedy
28:53 DJ Marie
29:40 DJ Meredith with fitness fashion favorites
33:08 DJ Marie
34:28 North Star The Rural Alberta Advantage
37:27 DJ Marie
38:26 DJ Kory on meeting James Bond of Undefeated
43:40 DJ Marie
44:36 Lumberjack Christmas/No One Can Save You From Christmases Past Sufjan Stevens
47:57 Finish

It’s the holiday season, and the holiday season means giving (and receiving) gifts! So for this week’s Sew & Tell I’ve tapped five of BTR’s culture DJs for gift ideas. You’ll find lists of their stellar suggestions on today’s playlist page, covering everyone from your globetrotting BFF to your bookworm uncle. Plus, I asked each DJ to weigh in on their personal favorite fashion find of 2014, and they shared their discoveries. You’ll hear from DJ Jen about her experience going shampoo-free, DJ Dane about his Ebay vintage watch obsession, DJ Jess about her favorite new travel-friendly label, DJ Meredith about Nike’s great new designs, and DJ Kory about an innovative young sportswear label in L.A.

Plus, I’ve got a playlist of holiday-friendly indie tracks, including music from Tweedy, Pink Mountaintops, Sufjan Stevens, and more. So check your shopping list and get ready to add a few last-minute purchases – your gifts are sure to be a hit this holiday season, thanks to BTR’s savvy DJs!

BTR DJs 2014 Fashion Highlights and Gift Picks

DJ Jen

DevaCurl No-Poo Hair Care

– “How to Go No Poo” on
– An Elle staffer goes “no poo”
– DevaCurl, a popular product line for curly hair, offers a No-Poo Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser

Gift Guide for a News Junkie:
– I ask for a Slingshot organizer every year! It’s full of radical history, DIY projects + lefty holidays! It’s perfect for the aspiring anarchist in your life!
– Give the gift of knowledge by hooking up the news junkie in your life with a digital subscription!
– Empower aspiring citizen journalists to make their own media! Get them a sound recorder or maybe foot the bill for a three-week Photoshop course.

DJ Dane

– Co-Host of The Hash
– Writer of BTR’s Dish + Drink food blog

Dane’s Citizen Elegance Moon Phase Chronograph

His vintage Seiko Automatic, which runs on wrist motion!

Ebay! A great site for vintage and second-hand label finds!

Gift Guide for the Amateur Chef & Bartender:

– Bought my girlfriend these Anthropologie measuring spoons (and matching cups!) as a housewarming present. They’re great.
These tumblers are among some of the most original, yet simple ones I’ve seen. I would absolutely die for a set.
– I have a Stanley camping flask with a lifetime warranty already, but this flask is too good to pass up.
– Saw this phone case on Pinterest a while back and just figured anyone with a love for whiskey (or Don Draper?)must own it.
Barreled Manhattans? If I have to explain my reasoning, you probably have no use for this gift.

DJ Jess

– Host of The Twenty-Something Traveler
– Host of Biology of a Blogger
– Co-host of Scotch & Cinema

A beautiful hooded sweater from New Form Perspective – perfect easy elegance for travel!

Gift Guide for the Stylish Traveler:
New Form Perspective
Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats
Thoroughly Modern Headphones by Urbanears

DJ Meredith

– Host of Xtreme Endurance
– Host of The Afrobeat Show
– Host of Caribbean Fever

RAD Polewear bodysuit

Body & Pole Studio

Gift Guide for the Fashionable Fitness Fanatic:
Nike spandex/nylon blend leggings
RAD Polewear
Cecilia de Bucourt

DJ Kory

– Host of Book Talk
– Co-host of BTR Sports

Undefeated x Mister Cartoon Holiday Tee

Q&A with James Bond in LA Galaxy
– A video about James Bond and the start of Undefeated

Gift Guide for the Bookworm:
Spent, by Antonia Crane – featured on Book Talk Oct 11, 2014
Harrowgate, by Kate Maryuma – ft. on Book Talk Sep 6, 2014
Struck By Genius, by Jason Padgett – ft. on Book Talk May 3, 2014
FaceTime, by Michael McKinley – ft. on Book Talk Mar 1, 2014
The Answer to the Riddle Is Me, by David McLean – ft. on Book Talk Feb 1, 2014

My Gift Guide for New Parents:
– FOOD!!! Food, food, food!! We are lucky enough to be on a meal registry through my church, and WOW has that made a huge difference for us! We’ve been the recipients of generous deliveries from local take-out spots, delicious home-cooked goods that freeze well and last for weeks, and Fresh Direct meals, which are awesome and easy. Services like MealBaby make it quick & simple to organize a registry for friends and family of the new parents.
– Books that offer advice on getting babies to sleep. Seriously, this I have spent more time in the last 2 months researching and implementing sleep strategies than I care to admit. But this is the most precious resource for new parents, and any advice is usually welcome advice! The Sleepeasy Solution is a great place to start.
– Cute and **practical** onesies. A satin ruffle onesie is amazing and adorable, sure, but can you stick it in the washing machine on hot? No? Then don’t buy it. New parents barely have time to shower, let alone hand wash anything. In the early weeks when we struggled to keep Matilda awake through feedings, an easy-on-easy-off zippered onesie was critical; I fell in love with the prints from Vancouver-based Sweet Peanut. (Bonus: Sweet Peanut’s patterns are, for the most part, unisex without being muted and depressing. This way, if there are more children down the line, parents can keep and reuse the onesies for future boys *and* girls.)
Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles. We thought we’d learn to swaddle and use all our beautiful muslin wraps from aden + anais. We were wrong. Swaddling is a difficult art to perfect; Halo’s velcro closures mean you don’t have to spend precious time struggling to perform blanket origami.
– Money or gift certificates for diapers!! They add up FAST. We’ve tried several different brands, and, much as I kind of hate to admit it (they are pricier than other brands), I am totally in love with the Honest Co. diapers. No leaks, no weird chemicals, great fit, and cute prints. 100% worth it.

(Photo by Matea Jocic)
Jan 31 – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival @ Brisbane Showgrounds – Brisbane, Australia
Feb 1 – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival @ Sydney College of the Arts – Sydney, Australia
Feb 6 – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival @ Harts Mill Port – Adelaide, Australia
Feb 7 – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival @ Footscray Community Arts Centre – Footscray, Australia
Feb 8 – St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival – Fremantle, Australia
Feb 27 & 28 – Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA
March 1 – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
March 3 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
March 4 – The Showbox – Seattle, WA
March 5 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, British Columbia
March 11 – L’Olympia – Paris, France
March 12 – Columbiahalle – Berlin, Germany
March 14 – O2 Academy Brixton – London, United Kingdom

(Photo by Piper Ferguson)
Jan 28 – Vicar Street – Dublin, Ireland
Jan 29 – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Strathclyde Suite – Glasgow, United Kingdom
Feb 2 – L’auditori De Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Feb 3 – La Riviera – Madrid, Spain

Sufjan Stevens
(Photo by Kirstie Shanley)

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