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Premiere DateAug 22, 2014
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Polaroid Leland Kirby)
03:42 Interview with Brent Luvaas of Urban Fieldnotes
13:15 DJ Marie
14:55 Sea Ghost The Unicorns
18:00 Rock & Roll (Take It Easy) Ark Life
22:37 The Girl, The Gold Watch, And Everything Literature
24:54 DJ Marie
26:04 Interview with Brent Luvaas
33:10 DJ Marie
34:14 A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise Phosphorescent
37:18 Picture Show Lanterns on the Lake
41:30 All White Everything JJ
45:41 DJ Marie
47:33 Interview with Brent Luvaas
53:55 DJ Marie
56:20 Cameras Matt and Kim
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This week, the station is taking a look at one of my favorite topics: photography. Here on Sew & Tell, I had a the pleasure of chatting with visual anthropologist, professor, and street style blogger Brent Luvaas of Urban Fieldnotes, about the ways in which street style photography is influencing and shaping the fashion industry. Brent documents not only the colorful street styles of Philadelphia, but also the culture of street style blogs themselves, using Urban Fieldnotes as an ongoing research project. On today’s show, he shares his insights into the nature of street style photography, some of the movements’ founders and historic influences, the ways in which the widespread popularity of street style blogs is shaping high-end fashion editorial, his own approach to street style documentation, and more.

Plus, a very photogenic playlist full of tracks old and new – you’ll hear the latest from Montreal’s Ark Life and Philly band Literature, alongside earlier songs from Phosphorescent and Matt and Kim. So grab your camera(phone) and get inspired to hit the streets, with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!

Brent Luvaas
(Photo by Jeff Fusco)

Selections from Urban Fieldnotes, by Brent Luvaas
(All photos by Brent Luvaas)

Some recent examples of Philly street style

Marley Mac, Chestnut St., 8/15/14

Ezekiel, 16th St., 8/6/14

Emily, Chestnut St., 8/4/14

Lisa, 17th St., 7/25/14

Shawn, 16th St., 6/23/14

Photos of fellow photographers/bloggers from last September’s NYFW

Photographers of Fashion Week

Chermelle D. Edwards of

Notes from the Trenches – a shot of photographer/blogger Eddie Newton of Mr. Newton, working his subject

Be sure to follow Brent’s coverage of the upcoming NYFW! Stay tuned for updates on that and all his future posts & projects…

The roots of street style photography…

August Sander was a German portrait and documentary photographer, working during the early 20th Century; the catalogic nature of his images set a precedence for descriptive portraiture.

Similarly, Mike Disfarmer was a studio portrait photographer for the small town of Herber Springs, AK, in the early to mid-1900’s; a large body of his portraits were discovered in the 1970’s, and an exhibit was held, elevating his unique work to a fine art level.

Irving Penn was a renowned portrait and fashion photographer, whose use of sharply angled corners (seen below in a portrait of the Duchess of Windsor) became a signature backdrop.

Richard Avedon, another celebrated portrait and fashion photographer, was known for his flawless lighting techniques; his iconic “In the American West” series shot during the 1980’s captured subjects from blue collar life in Western America on large format film in front of a white sheet, lit as if in a fashion studio setting, which exposed a breathtaking amount of detail.

Bill Cunningham is a style photographer for the New York Times, often credited as being the first contemporary practitioner of “street style photography” as we know it today.

Some of the “pioneers” of street style blogs:
*Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen of Hel Looks.
*Alkistis Tsitouri and Aris Karatarakis of Streetgeist.
*Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.
*Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil.

Odds & Ends
*Be sure to read the fascinating article from The Guardian about the impact of street style blogs on NYFW.
*Stay tuned to BTR’s editorial section this weekend for an in-depth interview with Brenton Hamilton, my former photo instructor from Maine Media College, about the history of photography!
*Well, this book looks amazing.
*Speaking of photographs… want a visual of your daily recommended fruits & vegetables? The Kitchn’s here to help.
*Everlane has an inventory of new fall colors and they’re gorgeous.

The Unicorns
(Photo by Laura Crapo)
Aug 22 – 24 – Barclays Center – Brooklyn, NY
Sept 21 – POP Montreal International Music Festival – Montreal, Quebec

Ark Life
(Photo by Lindsay Giles McWilliams)
Aug 22 – Ivywild School – Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 23 – Park House / Album Release Summer Bash – Denver, CO
Aug 24 – Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Bellvue, CO
Aug 29 – The Rooted Spoon (acoustic duo show) – Viroqua, WI
Aug 30 – Downtown Sound Festival (acoustic duo show) – La Crosse, WI
Sept 13 – San Diego Music Thing – San Diego, CA
Sept 17 – Turf Club – St. Paul, MN
Sept 18 – The Mill – Iowa City, IA
Sept 19 – Daytrotter Encore Session – Rock Island, IL
Sept 19 – Codfish Hollow Barn – Maquoketa, IA
Sept 20 – SPACE Studio Session – Evanston, IL
Sept 23 – The Dakota – Toronto, Ontario
Sept 25 – Billsville – Bennington, VT
Sept 26 – Columbus Theatre – Providence, RI
Sept 27 – Glasslands Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
Oct 3 – Cosmic Charlie’s – Lexington, KY
Oct 9 – Joshua Tree Music Festival – Joshua Tree, CA

(Photo courtesy of Literature on Facebook)
Sept 6 – Holy Underground – Baltimore, MD
Sept 7 – George Washington University – Washington, D.C.
Sept 8 – Project Archive Media – Marietta, OH
Sept 9 – Dag House – Cleveland, OH
Sept 10 – South Park Tavern – Dayton, OH
Sept 11 – Betty’s – Nashville, TN
Sept 12 – Hi Lo Lounge – Athens, GA
Sept 13 – The Bomb Shelter – Savannah, GA
Sept 14 – Snug Harbor – Charlotte, NC
Sept 15 – Record Release Show @ First Unitarian Church – Philadelphia, PA
Sept 17 – Death by Audio – Brooklyn, NY
Sept 18 – Cake Shop – New York, NY

(Photo by Noah Silvestry)
Sept 4 – 6 – Hopscotch Music Festival – Raleigh, NC
Sept 13 & 14 – Thrival Innovation + Music @ Bakery Square – Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 26 – 28 – Project Pabst @ Zidell Yards – Portland, OR

Matt & Kim
(Photo by Jonathan Mannion)
Sept 6 & 7 – LouFest @ Forest Park – St. Louis, MO
Oct 3 – Sokol Auditorium – Omaha, NE
Oct 24 – 26 – Life is Beautiful Festival – Las Vegas, NV

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