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Premiere DateAug 8, 2014
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Tattletale Pt. 1 Antibalas)
04:34 Interview with Aaron Rowley of Electroloom
11:30 DJ Marie
12:27 Barry Richardson So Cow
16:10 Blue Eyes The Rosebuds
18:52 DJ Marie
20:10 Interview with Aaron Rowley
25:08 DJ Marie
26:17 The Hardship The Mighty Stef
33:46 Ones Who Love You Alvvays
37:28 Quiet Day Lusine
40:32 DJ Marie
42:19 Interview with Aaron Rowley
47:08 DJ Marie
48:19 Chained Together Mozart’s Sister
51:19 Finish

The future of fashion is closely intertwined with the future of technology, and one of the biggest innovations of the last five years has been the introduction of 3D printing into fashion’s production process. Aaron Rowley is the co-founder of Electroloom, a new 3D printing company based in San Francisco that’s working to make desktop garment design and output a reality. On today’s show, Aaron will share about the company’s inception, the printed prototypes that their team is currently working on, how the Electroloom printer differs from traditional 3D printer models, the future possibilities of Electroloom, and more.

And I’ve got a playlist chock full of new music today, featuring a brand new single from Galway garage pop band So Cow, Dublin’s The Might Stef, North Carolina duo The Rosebuds, Seattle’s Lusine, and Toronto’s beach pop group Alvvays. So join us now for a look at the future of fashion, on BreakThru Radio!

Electroloom: The World’s First Personal 3D Printer For Clothes
(Photos courtesy of Electroloom)

Prototype seamless fabric sleeve, printed by the Electroloom

*For more on Electroloom, visit…
– The Electroloom website
– Electroloom on Facebook
– Electroloom on Twitter

*More on 3D Printing…
Continuum Fashion is a Brooklyn-based company working to create some pretty amazing 3D-printed shoes. Read up on their latest designs through the NPR blog.
Iris Van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer known for her extravagant, intricate 3D-printed couture.
– Feeling inspired? Learn all about TechShop and the meet-ups, workshops, resources and facilities they offer throughout the U.S.!

*Odds & Ends
– An *amazing* new guide for eating well on a tight budget, aimed at helping lower-income families find healthy solutions.
– Ummmm… why is David Lynch advertising Christian Louboutin nail polish??
– Of a Kind joined forces with Proud Mary for their latest edition, and it could not be better.
– Tiny homes are all the rage now – check out this beauty built entirely by THIRTEEN YEAR OLD Sicily Kolbeck. Just in case you weren’t feeling inferior enough, she also gives TED talks.
– Rory Gilmore got married! To Pete Campbell!
– Apparently grey is the color for fall. Good news, since I already love it’s versatile elegance!
– And speaking of fall, are you ready for NYFW? Check out the schedule & line-up of events and shows, including Sew & Tell alums CuteCircuit! Click here to listen to our interview from May of 2012.

So Cow
(Photo courtesy of So Cow Facebook)
Sept 15 – The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
Sept 16 – Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH
Sept 17 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH

The Rosebuds
(Photo by Victoria VanBruinisse)
Aug 8 – Rough Trade NYC – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 21 – The Media Club – Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 22 – The Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
Aug 26 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
Aug 29 – The Satellite – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 10 – 12 – Austin City Limits Music Festival @ Zilker Park – Austin, TX

The Mighty Stef
(Photo by Derek Kennedy)
Aug 8 – Dubh Linn Square – Bordentown Township, NJ
Aug 9 – Sheridans – Rochester, NY
Aug 10 – The Choconut Inn – Friendsville, PA
Aug 14 – The Black Bear – Brooklyn, NY
Aug 16 – Sheridans – Rochester, NY
Aug 17 – The Choconut Inn – Friendsville, NY
Aug 20 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
Aug 23 – Sheridans – Rochester, NY
Aug 28 – The Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
Sept 11 – Sticky Lips – Rochester, NY
Sept 17 – The Harbour Bar – Bray, Ireland
Sept 18 – Roisin Dubh – Galway, United Kingdom
Sept 19 – Kavanaghs – Portlaoise, Ireland
Sept 20 – Crane Lane – Cork, Ireland
Sept 26 – The Sugar Club – Dublin, Ireland
Sept 27 – Dolans – Limerick, Ireland
Sept 28 – Sandinos – Derry, Ireland

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