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Premiere DateJun 13, 2014
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Estrenando La Chiva Gantiva)
02:45 Interview with Christina Belchere of Fashion Grandpas
09:04 DJ Marie
09:56 Fathers and Daughters Gold-Bears
11:57 April Fools The Fresh & Onlys
15:22 The Ancient Stereo Dinowalrus
20:17 DJ Marie
22:10 Interview with Christina Belchere
28:14 DJ Marie
29:07 Older Dead Stars
31:50 It’s Hard Getting Old Herzog
37:42 We Toil and Struggle Half-handed Cloud
39:47 DJ Marie
41:44 Mad Men Recap with DJ Dane
54:01 DJ Marie
56:19 We Are Faster Than You FM Belfast
59:18 Finish

It’s Legacy Week on BTR and Father’s Day on Sunday, so today’s Sew & Tell is all about honoring the fashion legacies of fathers, grandfathers, and older generations. My guest is Christina Belchere, photographer and curator behind the buzzy new Instagram feed Fashion Grandpas, whose photo collection centers around the snappy street style of silver-haired gentlemen. Fashion Grandpas is at once adorable, moving, inspiring, and full of humor, and on today’s show, Christina will talk about how she started collecting these “grandpas,” the dapper style elements that catch her eye, and how she incorporates the grandpas’ looks into her own menswear-inspired wardrobe.

Plus, I’m joined later in the show by DJ Dane – together we recap the psychedelic 70’s styles from the most current Mad Men episodes, and do some speculating on what might be ahead for the one & lonely Mr. Don Draper. And as always, I’ve got some great new tunes in the playlist from artists like The Fresh & Onlys, Half-handed Cloud, Dead Stars, and more. So join us now on BTR for a look at some classic menswear styles handed down by dear old dad!

Fashion Grandpas, by Christina Belchere
(All photos courtesy of Fashion Grandpas)

Some of Christina’s favorite resources for menswear inspiration…
I Am Galla
Opening Ceremony
Thom Browne
Jil Sander

A Weekend Look inspired by Christina’s menswear style and her Fashion Grandpas
Grandpa-Inspired Weekend Style
Grandpa-Inspired Weekend Style by brittmariesusan featuring Seiko

Mad Men Season 7 Fashion

Megan is doing the most elegant job of embracing difficult 70’s fashions…

…even powder blue chiffon! (And doesn’t Don look like he’s time traveled from the past?)

Megan even manages to make this pirate-esque ensemble look decent

Peggy and Megan are basically the same age, but compared to Megan, Peggy dresses like an old lady

And speaking of Peggy’s bad fashion choices…

Oh… no, Peggy, no… what is this stewardess-with-a-homemade beret look?

And who can forget the episode when Peggy marched around looking like a Girl Scout troupe leader?

And here’s a great shot of some serious style disasters, Stan’s necklace included…

Ted’s overall look is tired, his suits seem cheap

I thought it was strange that Sally’s look was so old in this episode, until I read this very savvy fashion recap that pointed out that she was *trying to imitate Betty*

Betty’s not following trends, but she looks elegant nonetheless

Don, of course, is sticking with what works – note the difference between his understated brown vs. Ted’s yellow-brown

Roger does a beautiful job of updating his look with subtle details – a slightly more contemporary cut, modern ties and accessories

Odds & Ends
*I also love the menswear inspiration from Lizzie Garrett’s beautiful blog, Tomboy Style – and she’s a Sew & Tell alum!
*Are you obsessed with Orange is the New Black? (Yes. The answer is yes.) Here are some fun links: The Kitchn’s brilliant guide to menus & recipes inspired by the ladies of Litchfield; 28 adorable bestie shots & selfies from the cast; WOW do those ladies (and gent) clean up good!; and, of course, a quiz that tells you which inmate is your doppelganger.
*Download the single “Psychic Pharmacy” off the new Dinowalrus album for free!
*Something strange & adorable happened to this week. You need to check if it’s still going on… trust me.
*One of my favorite jewelry designers, and also a Sew & Tell alum, has some gorgeous new pieces out for summer. Head over to NolaBella and take a look!
*Dane curated a great list of stylish, Don Draper-inspired gifts for Father’s Day! Here are some ideas:
– Vintage-style Zippo Lighter
Classic money clip with wood inlay
Knit polo shirt from Everlane
– Ray Ban Clubmaster Classics
– 4-Piece Mach3 Shaving Kit

The Fresh & Onlys
(Photo by David Black)
June 18 – 19 – Sled Island Festival – Calgary, Alberta
July 5 – The Chapel – San Francisco, CA
July 6 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA
July 10 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
July 11 – Electric Owl – Vancouver, British Columbia
July 12 – Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
July 15 – Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, MN
July 16 – Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
July 17 – The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI
July 18 – Legendary Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, Ontario
July 19 – La Vitrola – Montreal, Quebec
July 21 – Great Scott – Allston, MA
July 22 – Boot & Saddle – Philadelphia, PA
July 23 – Glasslands – Brooklyn, NY
July 24 – DC9 – Washington, D.C.
July 25 – Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
July 26 – 529 – Atlanta, GA
July 29 – Czar Bar – Kansas City, MO
July 31 – Hi Dive – Denver, CO
Aug 16 – Woodsist Festival – Pioneertown, CA

Dead Stars
(Photo by PSquared Photography)
June 19 – Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY
June 22 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
June 24 – Cat’s Cradle Backroom – Carrboro, NC
June 25 – Star Bar – Atlanta, GA
June 26 – Hang Fire – Savannah, GA
June 27 – Rain Dogs – Jacksonville, FL
June 28 – The Blind Mule – Mobile, AL
June 29 – Hi Ho Lounge – New Orleans, LA
June 30 – The Hi Tone – Memphis, TN
July 1 – The Basement – Madison, WI
July 2 – The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
July 3 – Happy Dog – Cleveland, OH

FM Belfast
(Photo by Scott Holpainen)
July 18 – 20 – Positivus – Salacgriva, Latvia
July 22 & 23 – Emmaboda Festival – Emmaboda, Sweden
July 24 – 26 – Appletreegarden Festival – Diepholz, Germany
Aug 1 – Festival Arenal Sound – Burriana, Spain
Oct 4 – MeetFactory – Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 5 – Zoom – Frankfurt, Germany
Oct 8 – Astra Kulturhaus – Berlin, Germany
Oct 9 – Ubel & Gefahrlich – Hamburg, Germany
Oct 10 – Burgerhaus Stollwerck – Cologne, Germany

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