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Premiere DateNov 8, 2013
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Breathe JEL)
03:24 Interview with Pia Interlandi of Garments for the Grave
08:58 DJ Marie
10:07 I Don't Believe In Ghosts Sebastien Grainger
14:00 Afterlife Arcade Fire
19:44 Another Green World Aloa Input
23:46 DJ Marie
25:39 Interview with Pia Interlandi
31:15 DJ Marie
32:21 Found You Megan Bonnell
36:59 Give Me Something to Like The Can't Tells
38:54 Lo Decidi Yo Juana Molina
42:53 DJ Marie
43:48 Interview with Pia Interlandi
49:54 DJ Marie
50:48 Fantastic Man William Onyeabor
57:18 Finish

This week on Sew & Tell, I have the honor of featuring a true visionary in the field of fashion: designer Pia Interlandi. Pia’s work began as an exploration of dissolvable textiles and themes of garment deconstruction; eventually, through that work and the personal loss of her grandfather, Pia started to question the ways in which we traditionally dress bodies for burial. Her investigations ultimately led Pia to launch her own bespoke burial garment business, Garments for the Grave. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Pia about her dissolvable fabric designs, the moving experience that led her to investigate burial garments, her forensic studies of textile disintegration, and the philosophies and practices behind the grown natural burial movement.

Plus, a playlist featuring brand new tracks from Candian artists Sebastien Grainger and Megan Bonnell, along with Brooklyn’s The Can’t Tells, Argentinian singer-songwriter Juana Molina, a brand new Bavarian trio called Aloa Input, and more. So tune in and learn how to be a conscientious fashionista, even in the afterlife…

Garments for the Grave, by Pia Interlandi
(Photos by Devika Bilimoria)

*Be sure to visit Pia’s website for more information and photos of all her designs and research projects, including Garments for the Grave, dissolvable textiles, and The Pig Project. And check out the Clandon Wood Natural Burial website for a look at their beautiful nature reserve!

More resources on natural burial…
*The Natural Burial Company – a collection of natural funeral goods, including biodegradable coffins, caskets and urns
*Green Burial Council – an advocacy organization; through their website, you can search for providers in the U.S. and Canada
*Check out this great op ed on natural burial from BTR staffer Timothy Dillon and host of the Saturday film podcast RAR.

Odds & Ends
*A few of my favorite shops for holiday goodies!
Terrain has a beautiful collection of home, garden, and gifts, with several Made-in-the-USA selections.
Given Goods is a socially conscious webshop with stylish selections of home goods and accessories.
Provisions, the online shop extension of the popular Food52 web publication, has your foodie friends covered with hand-crafted and high quality kitchen gifts, including reclaimed wood cutting boards, vintage doilies, and a kombucha flavor sampler.
1924 is a Portland-based company offering locally crafted accessories for men and women, as well as unique home goods & gifts.
*What is happening in Hollywood?? Everyone is getting scissor happy – first Pamela Anderson chopped her locks, then Jennifer Anniston jumped on board, and J Law is the latest member of the club.
*It’s Exclusivity Week on BTR, and fashion sure knows a thing or two about exclusive and luxe living! Check out staff writer Jess Goulart’s investigation of Rent the Runway, and claims from high-end retailers that it makes designer labels less valuable.

Arcade Fire
(Photo by Guy Aroch)
Nov 11 & 12 – Roundhouse – London, United Kingdom
Nov 15 & 16 – Barrowland Ballroom – Glasgow, United Kingdom
Nov 19 – Astra Kulturhaus – Berlin, Germany
Nov 22 –  Pavillon Baltard – Nogent Sur Marne, France
Nov 24 – Halles De Scharbeek – Brussels, Belgium
Nov 27 – Empress Ballroom – Blackpool, United Kingdom
Dec 7 – Live 105’s Not So Silent Night @ Oracle Arena – Oakland, CA
Jan 17 – Big Day Out @ Western Springs Stadium – Auckland, New Zealand
Jan 19 – Big Day Out – Gold Coast, Australia
Jan 24 – Big Day Out – Melbourne, Australia
Jan 26 & 27 – Big Day Out – Sydney, Australia
Jan 31 – Big Day Out – Adelaide, Australia

Aloa Input
(Photo by Julian Baumann)
Nov 21 – Feinkost Lampe – Hannover, Germany

Megan Bonnell
(Photo by Alex Cairncross)
Nov 27 – Joy Eslava – Madrid, Spain

Juana Molina
(Photo by Marcelo Setton)
Nov 15 – Amalgame Club – Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland
Nov 16 – Petit Bain – Paris, France
Nov 24 – Casa Independente – Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 30 – Dec 1 – Hostess Club Weekender @ Ebisu Garden Hall – Tokyo, Japan

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