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Premiere DateJan 18, 2013
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Cool Hand Luke Main Title Petra Haden)
03:42 Interview with Helen Storey
14:15 DJ Marie
15:16 Waking Dream Bleeding Rainbow
18:52 Swimming Pool Toy Love
21:16 DJ Marie
22:01 Interview with Helen Storey
30:03 DJ Marie
31:14 Could've It Been Me? Renny Wilson
35:34 Grave Song Takka Takka
38:59 DJ Marie
39:43 Interview with Helen Storey
56:13 DJ Marie
57:56 This Is How It's Meant To Be Science & Industry
62:09 Finish

“I think designers need to be there when the decisions for the first particles are being designed. Not when the fabric is already on the roll, and it’s already created, and it already has inherent in it things that can help or not help you.”

On today’s show, I’m joined by fashion designer, artist, professor and innovator Helen Storey. Currently serving as Professor of Fashion and Science at The London College of Fashion, Helen has had an incredible career that began with Valentino in the ’80’s, led to the development of her own line in the ’90s, and now finds her collaborating with chemist Tony Ryan to address problems created by consumer waste, through technologically innovative, elegant solutions. Tune in as Helen talks about her design experiences, the problematic divide between art and science, the creative challenges she faced in designing a collection inspired by embryotic development, and how your jeans can purify the air.

Plus, the latest music from Canadian artist Renny Wilson, Philly-based Bleeding Rainbow, Brooklyn’s Takka Takka and more. So turn it up and tell your friends – this is one Sew & Tell they don’t want to miss!

Tony Ryan and Helen Storey at the Edinburgh International Science Festival last year. Tony is wearing a catalysed kilt; Helen is wearing a Vivienne Westwood gown, which they also catalysed.
(Photo by Rachel Hazell)

Catalytic Clothing by Helen Storey and Tony Ryan

Erin O’Connor models the first experimental Catalytic dress, in a still from the Catalytic Clothing short film.
(Image by Adam Mufti)

The Red Planet, an air purifying dress
(Photo by Shaun Bloodworth)

Scultpure “WENDY,” designed by New York architects HWKN using Catalytic Clothing technology. On display at MOMA PS1 from July – September 2012.
(Photo by Tony Ryan)

“Field of Jeans” installation, created and toured by Tony and Helen to showcase the efficacy of Catalytic Clothing technology on denim.
(Photo by DED Associates)

Wonderland, by Helen Storey and Tony Ryan

The disappearing Opera Coat, part of the Wonderland collection, modeled by Alice Dellal.
(Photo by Nick Knight)

Primitive Streak, by Helen and Kate Storey

The Anaphase dress, a representation of cell division, from The Primitive Streak collection. Modeled by Korrina Models 1.
(Photo by Justine)

*Stay up to date with all the latest developments in Catalytic Clothing & more exciting projects, by following Helen on Twitter, or on the Catalytic Clothing Facebook page.

Petra Haden
(Photo by Alicia J. Rose)
Jan 26 – J. Paul Getty Museum – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 9 – First Unitarian Church – Los Angeles, CA

Bleeding Rainbow
(Photo by Zia Hiltey)
Jan 18 – Duke Coffeehouse – Durham, NC
Feb 11 – Cake Shop – New York, NY
Feb 12 – Glasslands Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
Feb 13 – DC9 – Washington, D.C.
Feb 14 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA

Takka Takka
(Photo by Amber Allena)
Jan 23 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY

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