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Premiere DateDec 28, 2012
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Berlin Alaska In Winter)
04:37 Interview with Claudia Schulz
08:33 DJ Marie
09:22 Song For The Winter Sun The Loom
11:47 White Winter Hymnal Fleet Foxes
14:10 Blindsided Bon Iver
19:03 DJ Marie
20:43 Interview with Claudia Schulz
26:50 DJ Marie
28:02 Cold Again Islands
31:17 Ice Wine Lia Ices
35:34 Bavarian #1 (Say You Will) Miike Snow
39:32 DJ Marie
41:36 Interview with Claudia Schulz
45:51 DJ Marie
47:01 November Was White, December Was Grey Say Hi
50:05 Finish

Happy Holidays! It’s Winter Week on Breakthru, so this Friday’s Sew & Tell is all about winter fashion. And this week’s guest designs the perfect winter accessory that will keep you cozy *and* chic. Claudia Schulz is a Berlin-born, Vancouver-based designer, who started to experiment with making her own hats, after a lifetime spent collecting them. We should all be thankful that she did, because her creations are beautiful, sculptural, and elegant – at once basic go-to’s and dramatic statement pieces. On today’s show, Claudia will talk about her transition from social work to millinery, the materials and process she uses to create her designs, and the wide variety of sources she draws on for design inspiration – from Bauhaus architecture to Cape Town, South Africa.

Plus, a playlist full of delightfully wintery tracks, featuring songs from Lia Ices, Miike Snow, Bon Iver, and Fleet Foxes, and a handy list of styling tips from Refinery 29 to keep your winter wardrobe in its finest sartorial shape. So settle in with your favorite scarf, and get ready for winter, Sew & Tell style!

Select styles from Claudia Schulz Hats
(Photos courtesy of Claudia Schulz)

Contour Collection 2012

Afarik Collection 2011

Geo Collection 2010

Line Collection 2009

Bell Collection 2008

Fleet Foxes
(Photo by Sean Pecknold)

Lia Ices
(Photo by Marcelo Gomes, for Jagjaguwar)

Miike Snow
(Photo by Neil Thomson)

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Britt (formerly DJ Marie) has a passion for all forms of art, as well as for the creative process. She has a BA in Communications/Theater and a Post-Bacc in Photography from Maine Media Workshops. Britt began…