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Premiere DateDec 14, 2012
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Mit Dir Bright Future)
02:40 Interview with Francesca Rosella of CuteCircuit
11:40 DJ Marie
12:46 If We Were Banished Radar Brothers
16:46 Ghosts Lonesome Leash
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23:56 Interview with Francesca Rosella
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33:21 Christmas Unicorn Sufjan Stevens
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46:23 Interview with Francesca Rosella
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54:37 Second Summer YACHT
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The future is the ruling state for fashion – it often seems as though the industry is living 6 months ahead of everyone else. S/S 2013 came out in September, and even as we prepare to see F/W 2013 in February, many major labels are launching their pre-fall collections now. It might feel strangely out of synch to be thinking about fall of 2013 when we’re barely into December 2012, but as trendsetters, possibly *the* trendsetters, fashion’s earliest birds catch the consumer.

But there are other respects in which fashion rushes boldly ahead, including innovations. Today’s guest, Francesca Rosella, and her partner Ryan Genz are forces of invention, leading the technological revolution into fashion with their company, CuteCircuit. Together, Ryan and Francesca create what they call “wearable technology” – futuristic designs, from t shirts to red carpet gowns, that feature a slew of unique digital technology. Creating patterns with LED lights, Francesca and Ryan offer CuteCircuit customers the opportunity to do everything from make a cell phone call with the sleeve of a dress, to display tweets and iPhone photos on the front of a t shirt. Through CuteCircuit, the future has already arrived, and on today’s show Francesca will talk about how she and Ryan met and began this one-of-a-kind enterprise, the architecture and production process behind their creations, and future plans for their line.

Plus, I have tracks on today’s playlist page from the future albums of Radar Bros., Lonesome Leash, and YACHT, as well as an epically long, epically great track off the new Sufjan Stevens Christmas album. All that and more in this hour of radio, so stick around for a glimpse into fashion’s crystal ball…

Samples of Cute Circuit Digital Fashion
(Photos courtesy of Cute Circuit)

Twirkle Disk Black T Shirt

Twirkle Green Dress & Twirkle Disk Blue T

K Dress

The M Dress

Hug Shirt – Received the Time Magazine Award for Best Invention in 2006

The Tweet Dress – the newest CuteCircuit creation displays a live feed of Tweets from the red carpet!

The CuteCircuit Programmable Tweet-Shirt

*Be sure to follow CuteCircuit on Facebook for all the latest technological styles, and check out their web shop for some last minute holiday shopping!

From the future of fashion headlines:
*This week, Ecouterre reported on the development of a new silicon-based photovoltaic optic. The flexible fiber, thinner than a strand of human hair, has the capacity to convert solar radiation into a usable power source! Which could eventually mean solar-powered clothing
*Ecouterre also reported that Levi’s is the latest company to join the ranks of major retail chains vowing to clean up their act, thanks to the Greenpeace Detox Campaign.
*Pantone announced the official color of 2013! What do you think, are you ready to use it?
*Last but not least, you MUST read this book! I just started, and it’s amazing. Elizabeth Cline is a great writer who blends personal anecdote with statistics and history, to give a great overview of how fast fashion took over the industry.

Radar Brothers
(Photo by Andrew Youssef)
Jan 31 – Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA
Feb 1 – Merced Arts Center – Merced, CA
Feb 2 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

Lonesome Leash
(Photo by Santiago Mostyn)
Jan 3 – Building 16 – Providence, RI
Jan 4 – The Sycamore – Brooklyn, NY
Jan 6 – Velvet Lounge – Washington, D.C.
Jan 8 – Static Age Records – Asheville, NC
Jan 12 – Allways Lounge – New Orleans, LA
Jan 13 – The Owl – Austin, TX
Jan 19 – Viracocha – San Francisco, CA

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Meadows)
Dec 16 – Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater – Los Angeles, CA
Dec 17 – Sony Store at Century City – Los Angeles, CA

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