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Premiere DateNov 2, 2012
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00:00 DJ Marie (Underneath: Alien Mermaid Coppe)
03:57 Interview with Margaux and Walter Kent of Peg & Awl
10:14 DJ Marie
11:05 Subliminal Message Happy Birthday
15:00 Creature Creeper Levek
17:10 Bad Ritual Timber Timbre
20:14 DJ Marie
21:42 Interview with Margaux and Walter Kent
24:46 DJ Marie
25:44 Crescent Moon Dimestore Mystery
29:44 Puzzles The Mary Onettes
34:02 What The Eyes Can't See Midnight Magic
38:50 DJ Marie
39:43 Interview with Margaux and Walter Kent
44:07 DJ Marie
45:52 Love Astronaut Murder Mystery
48:57 Finish

Wow, what a week! For all those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, the thoughts & hearts of all the BreakThru Radio staff are with you, and we wish you safe and swift recovery. There are a host of opportunities to help out, whether you live in the NYC area or elsewhere, and you’ll find a list of resources at the bottom of today’s show page.

The fashion industry marched on through the storm, bringing with it a host of stories from the inspirational to the ridiculous, to the er, well, more ridiculous. And let’s not forget that it was Halloween this week, too, which gave famous fashionistas everywhere an excuse to get even more flamboyant. Here on the station, we’ve been celebrating with Unsolved Mysteries week, taking this opportunity to examine some of the inexplicable, unfathomable, and downright strange phenomenon in culture, science and society.

The fashion side of mystery can, in my opinion, most easily be found in vintage goods, and this week’s Sew & Tell guests are the perfect example of how repurposed antiques can become updated treasures, oozing with historic mystique. Margaux and Walter Kent are a husband-and-wife team that form the creative collaboration behind Philadelphia-based Peg & Awl, a line of home, garden, and fashion accessories. Margaux and Walter’s creations all borrow their lives from antique material, and to own a Peg & Awl piece is to own a rare piece of history. On today’s show, Margaux and Walter will share the story of how they started Peg & Awl, where they find their unique source materials, and some of the processes they use to craft their beautiful goods.

Plus, I have a sleuth-worthy playlist, with tracks from Timber Timbre, Levek, Midnight Magic and more. So invite your power-less friends over, gather around the kitchen table, light some candles, and tune in as we solve this Friday’s fashion mystery…

Peg and Awl, by Margaux and Walter Kent
(Photos courtesy of Peg and Awl)

Book Necklace: Poe Collection – Eyeball on Black

Book Necklace: Blue and Scarlet Red

Eyelet Lace Ring

Victorian Lace Ring

Large Waxed Canvas Tote

Vegetable Trio Candle Blocks

Chalk Tablet

Cutting and Serving Tray

Organ Pipe Knife Holder

Spice Rack with Eggnog Winter Brew

Be sure to find Peg & Awl on Facebook and Etsy, too!

*Last, but definitely not least, here are a few opportunities to lend a helping hand to those who lost property due to Hurricane Sandy:
National – Red Cross
Local – assistance to Red Hook, Park Slope, Staten Island, and Rockaway Beach; also, contact any metro area schools or evacuation centers for updates on volunteer/donation needs

Timber Timbre
(Photo by Laura Ramsey)
Nov 13 – Teatro Principal – San Sebastian, Spain
Nov 14 – Sala Lopez – Zaragoza, Spain
Nov 15 – Jimmy Jazz – Vitoria, Spain
Nov 16 – Acapulco – Gijon, Spain
Nov 17 – Laboratorio de las Artes – Valladolid, Spain
Nov 18 – Capitol – Santiago, Spain
Nov 19 – Joy Sala – Madrid, Spain
Nov 21 – Malandar – Sevilla, Spain
Nov 22 – Planta Baja – Granada, Spain
Nov 23 – Teatre la Rambleta – Valencia, Spain
Nov 24 – Apolo – Barcelona, Spain
Nov 25 – Espacio Santander – Santander, Spain

(Photo by Aaron Beasley)
Nov 3 – High Dive – Gainesville, FL
Nov 9 – The Plaza Theatre – Orlando, FL
Nov 30 – The Plaza Theatre – Orlando, FL

Midnight Magic
(Photo by Katherine Finkelstein)
Nov 3 – Public Works – San Francisco, CA
Nov 22 & 23 – Brooklyn Bazaar – Brooklyn, NY
Nov 24 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

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