Sew and Tell: Week of 8.28.15.

Premiere DateAug 28, 2015
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00:00 Intro (Underneath: Body Young Galaxy)
03:20 Interview with Jesse Finkelstein of Byco & Print All Over Me
08:43 Britt
09:50 Walking In The Rain Sweet Baboo
13:35 Whiskey Pie Silvertron Youth Choir
17:42 Cold Slope Wilco
20:51 Britt
23:14 Interview with Jesse Finkelstein
29:43 Britt
31:01 Heart Wrecking Animals Georgia
34:29 Velveteen The Mynabirds
38:09 Britt
39:20 Interview with Jesse Finkelstein
42:18 Britt
42:57 Just Call Me Gospel Machine
46:05 Finish

It’s Surface Week on BTR, and fashion celebrates surface with print and pattern. On today’s show, I’m joined by dynamic fashion entrepreneur Jesse Finkelstein who, along with his sister Meredith, is behind the creation of two unique design platforms: Print All Over Me and Byco. Print All Over Me (or PAOM) offers its users the opportunity to create digital patterns, then order garments or accessories printed with that design. Byco is a one-stop shop for designers who want to take their ideas from paper to production. Both sites put the power of creativity and fashion design into, well, YOUR hands, and serve as invaluable resources for independent designers. On today’s show, Jesse will talk about the formation of Byco and PAOM, the production process behind both concepts, the components of a successful design, Print All Over Me’s overnight success, Byco’s recent collaboration with ELLE, upcoming projects, and more.

And I’ve got a playlist filled with fresh indie releases, including the latest from Wilco and The Mynabirds, along with tracks off the debut albums from “musical pranksters” Silvertron Youth Choir and up-and-coming British electro-artist Georgia. So get your surface ready for a stylish fall with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!

Sample designs from Print All Over Me and Byco
(Photos courtesy of PAOM and Byco)

Featured PAOM designs by Adam J. Kurtz

stars robe

simple asterisk backpack

From a recent PAOM collaboration with Fort Makers

Blue Black Towns Summer Dress

Red Blue Pod Shift Dress

Fall Leggings

Select designs from Byco

Shoulder blade dress from Katharine Weintraub

Raggedy Anne Dress by Kinderstella

Fishtail Jacket by Stay Gold Design

Camo Euro Sweatshirt by Maze

Odds & Ends
– A great round-up of “summer bucket list” recipes from the always-elegant Food52!
– For a compelling perspective on the latest Wilco album, contextualized within the broader spectrum of their whole career, read this review from Pitchfork.
– For the perfect summer/fall transition piece, try this *gorgeous* dress from Kaight – the only accessory needed is your pumpkin spice latte!

Sweet Baboo
(Photo by Owen Richards)

(Photo by Danny Clinch)

The Mynabirds
(Photo by Jessica Ewald)

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