Seal of Approval

Premiere DateSep 9, 2014
Categories Media Music
00:00 Intro
00:03 Mr Jason talkin'
00:15 How Long Must I Wait For You The Up Tights
02:31 Mr Jason talkin'
05:09 Movin On Ray Camacho & The Teardrops
07:20 Mr Jason talkin'
09:30 Adios Batata Son Palenque
16:01 Mr Jason talkin'
18:27 Footprints In The Sand The Tibbs
21:07 Somethings Got A Hold On Me Etta James
23:49 Mr Jason talkin'
26:35 Alagbon Close Fela Kuti
43:33 Mr Jason talkin'
45:29 Give And Take Shirley Nanette
48:11 Mr Jason talkin'
52:45 Alegria Elia Y Elizabeth
56:40 Mr Jason talkin'
57:27 Don't Let Me Fall The Relatives
60:16 End Feemtoon
60:30 Finish

Seal Of Approval with Mr Jason – Tuesday 9th September 2014

Wow! It’s gonna be another amazing show today. I’ve done the dishes, and all of my other chores, and I’ve put the cat out. We don’t even have a cat, so it was for the best. I’ve rounded up a team of great songs, including a few favourite artists of mine, like Ray Camacho for example.
Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you?
How will it all turn out???
Let’s do a radio and see!

Ray Camacho & The Teardrops

The Up Tights

Son Palenque

Seal Of Approval –
Old School Studios –

Recorded at Old School Studios – Studio D, direct to analog computer.

Host Mr Jason
When he was seven, Jason started writing songs -- mostly silly stuff, which went hand in hand with the hilarious (in their minds) radio shows that he and his older sister would record on their dad's dictaphone.…