Seal of Approval

Premiere DateMay 5, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Intro
00:05 Jason & Gemma talking
00:15 Jibba Jab Tic & Toc
02:33 Are You Feeling It Crowd Company
06:25 Jason & Gemma talking
08:42 Lay It On Me My Sweet Thing Ray J & Norma Jean
11:53 Jason & Gemma talking
14:19 Road To Earth The Mighty Mocambos
17:44 Jason & Gemma talking
20:04 Say Listen The Nitty Gritty Sextet
22:48 Jason & Gemma talking
24:57 Egbe Mi O Fela Kuti
38:06 Jason & Gemma talking
40:27 Kelvin Stardust Big Boss Man
43:21 Let Me Down Easy Bold Breed
46:23 Jason & Gemma talking
48:44 Cards On The Table The Diplomats
51:20 Jason & Gemma talking
53:47 Beast Chase Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz
57:33 Well Well, Don't You Worry 'Bout Me The Como Mamas
59:44 End Feemtoon
60:00 Finish

Seal Of Approval with Mr Jason & Gemma the PR Girl – Tuesday 5th May 2015

This week, Jason & Gemma have a whale of a time, talking about whales, and various other animals. They also do the Accent Challenge, with patchy results.. Oh, and they play you some of the toppermost sounds around.
Oh boy! I can’t wait! Can you?
How will it all turn out???
Let’s do a radio and see!

Crowd Company

Big Boss Man

Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz

Seal Of Approval –
Old School Studios –

Recorded at Old School Studios – Studio E, direct to analog computer.

HOST Mr Jason
When he was seven, Jason started writing songs -- mostly silly stuff, which went hand in hand with the hilarious (in their minds) radio shows that he and his older sister would record on their dad's dictaphone.…