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Photo courtesy of Alexandra Martin and Felecita Munez

Welcome back to Scotch & Cinema! This week we have a special feature for you–we will be giving you an IN-DEPTH look into the making of Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Parts I & II.

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Behind the Scenes

First up we’ll be chatting with cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro, the cinematographer for Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Parts I and II

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Manuel was born in Santiago, Chile in 1970. At four years old he moved to Denmark, and has lived in Copenhagen ever since. He graduated as a stills photographer from Milan’s Instituto Europeo di Design in 1994. Manuel worked for three years as an assistant photographer in Milan, New York, and Copenhagen before entering the National Film School of Denmark in 1997.

He has made a number of films since 2001, including several award-winning features. Reconstruction won the Camera d’Or in Cannes 2003 and the Bronze Frog at Camerimage 2004. For Allegro, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2005, Manuel was awarded both the Robert and the Bodil 2006 awards for best cinematograpy.

Manuel Claro’s Homepage

He is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Lars von Trier. Aside from Nymphomaniac, Manuel did the cinematography for von Trier’s last film, Melancholia. It’s visually remarkable, and a must-see if you haven’t already.

Melancholia Trailer

Next we talk with Marty Simpson Revell, a Marriage Counselor and Sex Addiction Specialist at the Sexual Recovery Institute.

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Marty is a graduate of the Master’s of Clinical Psychology program at Antioch University, Los Angeles. She has been trained in LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy and cares a great deal about the relationship between Family of Origin, trauma, religion, addiction, and intimacy. She specializes in couple’s communication, mindfulness, and nurturing a differentiated sense of self.

Sexual Recovery Institute

She talks with us about some of the implications of being a sex and love addict, and how Lars von Trier’s film addresses some of these issues.

Last but not least, we interview actor Nicolas Bro, who plays the lover named “F” in Nymphomaniac Part I

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Nicolas is a Danish actor born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was raised by a family of actors—both his father (Christoffer Bro) and mother (Helle Hertz), along with his brother (Anders Peter Bro) and sister (Laura Bro), are all actors and actresses. His two aunts (Vigga Bro and Lone Hertz) are even actresses too. He graduated from the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in 1998.

The actor has appeared in a number of feature films, including Dark Horse and Allegro—the aforementioned films that cinematographer Manuel Alberto Claro worked on. Aside from Nymphomania, some of Nicolas’ recent productions include Brotherhood (2009), At World’s End (2009), Everything Will Be Fine (2010), and War Horse (2011). He is also an avid comic book collector, and longtime fan of Lars von Trier.

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