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Premiere DateMar 15, 2014
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00:58 Top Entertainment News
02:40 Chit Chat
11:20 Scotch and Cinema Quote of The Day
12:10 Death – North St
15:48 SPOILERS – Review of The Bag Man
28:14 Warm Soda – Young Restless Hearts
31:45 Alternative Endings
34:43 Theodus Crane Interview
43:28 New Bums – Your New Girlfriend Might Be A Cop
46:15 Edward Rogers and Tony Morales Interview
61:41 Scotch Rating and Drinking Game
62:30 Send Off
62:57 Finish

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Martin and Felecita Munez

Welcome to Scotch & Cinema! This week we checked out David Grovic’s debut The Bag Man, a noir-esque action flick starring John Cusack, Robert De Niro, and Rebecca Da Costa.


The Bag Man Trailer

Tune in to hear us chat with actor Theodus Crane, who plays Robert De Niro’s bodyguard in the film. We also sit down with composers Edward Rogers and Tony Morales to learn more about how The Bag Man’s swampy and atmospheric score was created.

Theodus Crane Website

Tony Morales Website

Edward Rogers Website

Photos Courtesy of Facebook

Top Entertainment News
Canadian Screen Awards

Sam Raimi to Produce The Last of Us Movie

Arrow Films Takes Rights to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Film

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah Banned in Muslim Countries

Drinking Game: Half-In-The-Bag, Man

I. Whenever we see John Cusack stare into space – take a drink

II. Whenever the phone rings – take a drink

III. Whenever Rebecca Da Costa is ordered to do something – take two drinks

IV. Whenever someone is killed – finish your drink

If you know of any indie flicks you think we should cover, or if you just love our drinking game, give us a shout on our twitter @Jess_Ayn

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