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Premiere DateOct 11, 2014
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03:23 IFC's List of Films the MPAA Crossed the Line With
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24:36 "Dead Man's Tetris" Flying Lotus
27:04 "Tusk" Film Review
51:16 "I Can't Do Without You" Caribou
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63:45 "Out in the Night" Useless Eaters
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Welcome back to Scotch & Cinema! This week we review director Kevin Smith’s first foray into the horror genre with his film Tusk, starring Justin Long, Michael Parks, Johnny Depp, Haley Joel Osmont, and Genesis Rodriguez.

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Check out the trailer here:

Tusk Trailer

Disclaimer! – This film is pretty intense folks. If you’re sensitive to amputation, mutilation, and blubbery sea mammals, then we’d recommend skipping this one.

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It’s Fine Lines week here at BTR, so we thought we’d share with you IFC’s list of the most controversial films that the MPAA rating system crossed the line with their judgments.

Tune in for the complete list!

In honor of Fine Lines week we’ll also talk about NYC’s oldest-running tattoo shop — FineLine Tattooo. We’ll chat about the changing nature of the tattoo industry, along with some of our favorite personal tattoo stories.

If you haven’t already check out Zach’s articles about the shop:

Read Between the Ink (Part I)

Read Between the Ink (Part II)

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