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Premiere DateMay 10, 2014
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06:06 Sylvan Esso Dreamy Bruises
10:22 Blue Ruin Review (Part I)
23:44 Young Magic Something in the Water
27:17 Blue Ruin Review (Part II)
35:44 Eno/Hyde The Satellites
41:15 Interview with Kevin Kolack
56:55 Interview with Stacy Rock
61:41 Drinking Game and Send Off
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Welcome back to Scotch & Cinema! Cheers to a thriller this week as we review the Cannes favorite Blue Ruin, a Hitchcock-inspired revenge film directed by Jeremy Saulnier and starring Macon Blair, Kevin Kolack, Devin Ratray, and Amy Hargreaves.

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Check out the suspenseful trailer here:

Blue Ruin Trailer

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We also take a look at the strange and fascinating world of Interactive Documentaries. Be sure to support your fellow filmmakers and check out one of them here:

Welcome to Pine Point

It explores the disappearance of a Canadian mining settlement called Pine Point, and utilizes memories and materials from the surrounding area to tell it’s tale.

Tune in for exclusives interviews with actor Kevin Kolack and actress Stacy Rock to hear what it was like to be a part of such a tense film.

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All that revenge leaving you a little parched? Think fast–here’s…

Brew Ruin

I. Whenever Dwight fucks up – Take a drink.

II. Whenever you see a gun – Take a drinks.

III. Whenever Dwight steals something – Take two drinks

IV. Whenever someone is killed – FINISH YOUR DRINK.

If you know of any indie flicks you think we should cover, or if you just love our drinking game, give us a shout on our twitter @Jess_Ayn

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