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Premiere DateMay 3, 2014
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01:13 Top Entertainment News
03:39 Hollywood Conspiracy Theories
06:57 Tribeca Six Second Short Films
12:38 Scotch and Cinema Quote of the Day
13:46 Sufjan Stevens Year of the Monkey
18:19 Palo Alto Review (Part I)
31:44 Thee Oh Sees Penetrating Eye
35:05 Palo Alto Review (Part II)
42:56 PHOX Slow Motion
47:53 Filmmakers Anonymous Interview
64:13 Woods Shining
66:45 Drinking Game and Send Off
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Photo courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Welcome back to Scotch & Cinema! This week we kick off part two of our coverage of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival with Gia Coppola’s debut film Palo Alto, starring Emma Roberts, Val Kilmer, Nat Wolff and Zoe Levin. The film also stars actor James Franco and is an adaptation of his short story collection of the same name.

Photo courtesy of Tribeca Films


Check out the film’s official trailer here:

Palo Alto Trailer

Courtesy of Zimbio

Be sure to visit the Tribeca Film Festival homepage and check out some of the winners of this year’s 6-second short films competition.

Six-Second Films

It’s Connection Week here on BTR, so we thought we’d share some of Hollywood’s greatest conspiracies with you-just for fun!

Here’s a taste: check out the controversial scene from the Wizard of Oz, in which some claim to see a person hanging in the background.

Wizard of Oz Munchkin Hanging

Tune in to hear the complete list!

This week we bring you an exclusive interview with Clarice Hong and Effa Desa of Filmmakers Anonymous, a Malaysian-based association that screens shorts from around the country.

Filmmakers Anonymous

Get drunk like a teenager again with this week’s drinking game–we dub it Blackin’ Bro!.

Disclaimer-DJ Schep and DJ Jess do not endorse underage drinking. Unless you want to make a movie about it…

I. Whenever someone lights a cigarette – Take a drink.

II. Whenever someone lights a joint – Take two drinks.

III. Whenever someone underage drinks – Take two drinks

IV. Whenever there is a deflowered virgin – FINISH YOUR DRINK.

If you know of any indie flicks you think we should cover, or if you just love our drinking game, give us a shout on our twitter @Jess_Ayn

Or email us at

We’d love to hear your feedback!

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