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Premiere DateFeb 15, 2014
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09:44 Dunes – Bullet Train
13:39 SPOILERS: Dallas Buyers Club (Part I)
28:19 Yasmine Hamdan Deny
31:43 SPOILERS: Dallas Buyers Club (Part II)
44:50 Deneen Tyler Interview
62:25 Sarah Eilts Interview
73:27 Scotch Rating
74:06 Drinking Game and Send Off
74:53 Finish

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Martin and Felecita Munez

Scotch & Cinema reviews upcoming indie films (plus the occasional blockbuster) with our own personal blend of fun and facts. Laid back with lots of laughs, here’s a cheers from the light hearted lumières at the bar.


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Welcome to Scotch & Cinema! This week we checked out the Academy Award nominated drama Dallas Buyers Club starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, and Jennifer Garner.

Dallas Buyers Club Trailer

Tune in to hear us chat with actress Deneen Tyler about what her experience was like on set with the talented cast of Dallas Buyers Club. Actress Sarah Eilts also shares her memories working alongside McConaughey in some of the film’s more intimate scenes.

Photos courtesy of Facebook.

All of that popcorn can make you thirsty. Here’s a fun drinking game to play with friends while you watch the film. We dub it “Dallas Buyers Pub.”

(Please remember to drink responsibly… unless you don’t want to of course!)

Dallas Buyers Pub
I. Any time Jennifer Garner furrows her brow – DRINK.
II. Any time Matthew McConaughey takes a drink – DRINK
III. Any time McConaughey gets laid – DRINK
IV. Any time Jared Leto appears not dressed in drag – FINISH YOUR DRINK

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