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14:47 Lost To You The Melodic
17:26 SPOILERS: 12 Years A Slave (Part 1)
27:51 Tropes and Trends: Oscar Films
36:43 SPOILERS: 12 Years A Slave (Part 2)
48:44 I’ve Got Freedom Lily & Madeleine
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RAR is a movie review and entertainment news podcast that is not afraid of spreading spoilers or rumors. We review new films as well as yesterdays soundtracks that still resonate with us. Tune in for what’s hot and what’s not on the silver screen.

The Playlist

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In keeping with the fact that it is award season, RAR decided to check out 12 Years A Slave, a drama based on the real life events of Solomon Northup, who was a free man living in the north, until he was kidnapped into the slavery. The film is by Shame director Steve McQueen.

12 Years A Slave Trailer

This week on Tropes and Trends we have the infamous Tropesmeister back on the program to discuss the trend of Oscar movies and why they are not really all they’re cut out to be. We also chat about the Alcoholist, who could not be with us on the program due to liver related issues. Just kidding he’s off enjoying a movie premier of his very own.

Best of the 2012 Academy Awards

Top Entertainment News
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