Premiere DateJul 20, 2013
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00:00 Intro
01:49 Top Entertainment News
05:43 Chit Chat
18:56 Hurts So Bad
21:22 SPOILERS: Coffee Town
37:35 Tropes and Trends From Page to the Screen
68:35 Send Off and Buffering Time
70:41 Mystery Science Trailer The Canyons
72:00 Finish

Welcome to Restricted Audience Required!

Photo courtesy of Valerie Hardt

RAR is a movie review and entertainment news podcast that is not afraid of spreading spoilers or rumors. We review new films as well as yesterdays soundtracks that still resonate with us. Tune in for what’s hot and what’s not on the silver screen.

The Playlist

This week on RAR we checked out College Humors first feature film, Coffee Town. And after our spoilers segment we had a very special guest, DJ Kory from BreakThru Radio’s Book Talk as well as writer Molly Freeman on to talk about Books, their being optioned to be made into films, and the risk and reward that goes into it. Since this was a particularly long round table, we have a short spoilers this week and only one new track from

Photo courtesy of College Humor

Also, some fun stuff from Comic Con. First the Red Band trailer for the next installment of the Riddick franchise as well as a sneak peak of what Jamie Fox looks like as Electro in The Amazing Spiderman 2.


Jamie Fox as Electro

Lastly, be sure to check out the Mystery Science Trailer at the end of the program for our commentary on the upcoming drama The Canyons, starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen.

For ideal viewing we suggest you turn the volume down to 50%, and as always, be sure to buffer!

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