The Keaton Roller Coaster

Premiere DateDec 13, 2017
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 Roy Moore’s anti Semitism
17:30 A deep dive on Keaton and the way we talk about bullying
50:26 How the NYT sanitizes sexual assault and anti Semitism
58:31 Credits, “No Hands Pete” by Prettiest Eyes
59:43 Finish

A young boy and his family’s backstory brings the internet on a roller coaster about bullying and racism, the New York Times’ style guide is unbearable in its efforts at neutrality, and Trump’s accusers call for a congressional investigation into his sexual misconduct.

Anti bullying

photo courtesy of Ανώνυμος Βικιπαιδιστής via Wikimedia Commons

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