Allison Kilkenny on Privilege, Snowden docs show GCHQ false flag plans

Premiere DateFeb 26, 2014
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Day 2 of John talking
09:20 Allison Kilkenny on who gets to say I give up
28:14 New NSA docs
42:30 Anti gay bill Uganda, Arizona
52:55 Listener mail
60:28 “Jaked on Green Beers” Alkaline Trio / Credits
61:41 Finish

Allison Kilkenny joins us to discuss giving up as the battle cry of the privileged, a new story at The Intercept shows how GCHQ has plans to run false flag operations and discredit enemies by posting disinformation about them, and anti-gay measures from Uganda to the US. Also, listener mail.

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