Radio Dispatch Live with Rick Perlstein

Premiere DateMar 2, 2015
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Molly and John intro
00:54 Radio Dispatch Live
12:10 Rick Perlstein joins Radio Dispatch live
61:03 Finish

On today’s Radio Dispatch, we spend the hour with ONE PERSON, for the first time in our live show history. Rick Perlstein is the author of 3 literally epic books about Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, so get your puke buckets ready. We’ll also talk about yesterday’s election in Chicago, the Battering Rahm, and why Emmanuel’s game may be faltering.

John and MJ Knefel are journalists, writers, and co-hosts of the political podcast Radio Dispatch. John covers foreign policy, criminal justice, civil liberties, and harm reduction, with bylines at Buzzfeed,…