Ayesha Siddiqi on Dylan Farrow, Field Story on Keystone protests

Premiere DateFeb 4, 2014
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Bruno Mars rocks the Super Bowl
18:16 Ayesha Siddiqi on Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen
34:48 More thoughts on Farrow and Allen
41:25 Trevor Hultner's field piece
51:45 Terrorism creep
57:30 “Bombs away” Emilyn Brodsky / Credits
58:31 Finish

Ayesha Siddiqi on blaming survivors of sexual abuse, listener Trevor Hultner sends in a field piece about Keystone XL protesters charged with a terrorism hoax, and Bruno Mars’ awesome halftime performance.

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Ayesha Siddiqi

Trevor Hultner

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