Radio Dispatch

Premiere DateJul 20, 2011
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Page One is page bad, checking in with Julian Assange's trial
32:08 To All My Friends Atmosphere
32:41 John and Molly Fix Your Life
61:35 Itzoweezee DJ Abilities / Credits
62:32 Finish

Page One is a bad documentary, Assange’s defense team offers up some damning quotes, and anther installment of John and Molly Fix Your Life – with a question about a significant other who thinks hamsters lay eggs.

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Page One


John and Molly Knefel are journalists, writers, and co-hosts of the daily political podcast Radio Dispatch. John covers foreign policy, criminal justice, civil liberties, and harm reduction, with bylines at…